The Tomb (2009)

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Successful writer and scholar Jonathan Merrick falls under the spell of the irresistible, bewitchingly beautiful Ligeia. She's fighting a fatal illness and she will stop at nothing to defeat death, her one true enemy.

"The Tomb", a 2009 horror feature movie, is adapted from Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 narrative, "The Premature Burial". The plot is centered on effective author and teacher Jonathan Merrick, translated by Wes Bentley, being tormented by a supernatural entity after breaking Ligeia's burial place, a gorgeous woman who had an uncommon fascination with death and afterlife. Directed by Michael Staininger and Scream queen, Sofia Shinas, starring as Ligeia, "The Tomb" makes use of a romantic scary set in Eastern Europe to retell Poe's particular style of the clash in between life and death.

The film opens with a flashback of Ligeia, a priestess who was obsessed with accomplishing immortality through science. She got reoccurring visions of a dark, damaged world. After her death, her spirit waits for the accumulative energy required to return to life. Ligeia's burial place, engraved with weird symbols, is found by Jonathan Merrick. Versus the recommendations of his good friend and coach, Christopher, played by Eric Roberts, Jonathan takes Ligeia's locket wherein resides her spirit and after that becomes had by it.

Back in today time, Jonathan meets a student, Rowena, depicted by Kaitlin Doubleday. They fall in love, however then Ligeia's spirit begins to attack her body as well to acquire complete control over her life force. This causes a plethora of scary, imaginary experiences for them both. Jonathan becomes consumed with deciphering the signs on the locket, thinking they unlock the trick of dominating death, while likewise having problem with his love for Rowena and the increasing control of Ligeia's spirit.

Conflict and Resolution
As the plot advances, Jonathan discovers himself slowly losing his grip over his life, with hallucinations and Ligeia's growing control manifesting terrifyingly. In spite of Rowena's attempt to help him, her very life becomes endangered, as Ligeia seeks to consume her vital force for resurrection.

The climax ensues when Ligeia's spirit finally handles to possess Rowena completely. However, Jonathan, coming to terms with his love for Rowena and ready to protect her, chooses to eliminate Ligeia. With the aid of his mentor Christopher, they decipher the ancient symbols and discover a way to exorcise Ligeia's spirit.

Critical Reception
Regardless of having an appealing storyline that joins together horror and romance, critics discovered the execution of the movie lacking. The film's pacing, the use of visuals and impacts, character development, and adherence to Poe's initial narrative design were all significant points of contention. However, sticking out in exception was the appreciation for Wes Bentley's efficiency who vigilantly depicted the inner conflict of Merrick and his slow descent into madness, as well as Sofia Shinas, who injected horror into every scene with her chilling performance as Ligeia.

"The Tomb" is a movie that works as a modern-day adaptation of Poe's gothic horror tale 'The Premature Burial'. It stands out at illustrating the eerie environment Poe embodies in his work, utilizing the dichotomy of Eastern Europe's gloomy and gorgeous landscape. If you're a fan of Poe or take pleasure in psychological horror movies that don't depend on jump scares, "The Tomb" makes for an intriguing watch. It acts as a tip of how disturbing the struggle in between life, death, and the hereafter can actually be.

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