Think Big (1989)

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Two truckers hired to transport toxic waste across the country get caught up with a teen genius who stows away on their truck.

Film Summary
"Think Big" is a 1989 American comedy movie directed by Jon Turteltaub, which stars Peter and David Paul, often recognized as the Barbarian Brothers. The movie includes an interesting yet amusing story focusing on two intellectually challenged truck motorists who are unconsciously hired to transfer a harmful waste product.

Plot Summary
Rafe and Victor, played by Peter and David Paul respectively, serve as protagonists in this comedy movie. They are muscular but not so intense siblings who make a living by working as truck drivers. They continuously struggle to keep their jobs due to their ineptitude and clumsiness. Their life takes an unanticipated turn when they're offered the job to carry a personal cargo throughout the country.

Unbeknownst to them, the cargo is a toxic, destructive waste product that lots of groups have an interest in obtaining. These groups include an environmentalist faction wanting to expose the business transferring the toxics, a corrupt business owner wishing to get rid of the proof, in addition to a researcher interested in the potential the poisonous waste might have for his own research study.

As the journey advances, due to large luck and their muscular strength, the siblings get rid of different obstacles and encounters with the celebrations thinking about their freight. The film flourishes on situational and physical funny, with the bros' sheer size and strength regularly playing into the humor.

Characters and Performances
The Barbarian Brothers, real-life twin bodybuilders, truly shine in their roles as Rafe and Victor. Their comedic timing and chemistry supply light-hearted and captivating performances. They shine in their roles of improbable heroes and utilize their physicality to the best of their capabilities to amuse viewers.

Styles and Reception
"Think Big" interacts the effective style of ignoring individuals based on their intellectual capacity, showcasing how Rafe and Victor manage to overthrow unsafe scenarios utilizing their physical strength, perseverance and, quite inadvertently, their wit. The environmental concerns raised by exposing a corporation's toxic waste practices lend a prompt socio-political edge to the plot.

The movie got blended reviews on release but handled to amass a cult following over the years due to its special humor and feel-good aspects. The performances of Peter and David Paul were particularly applauded for being plain and amusing. Critics often point to the well-executed funny series and the ecological story as standout aspects.

Summing it up, "Think Big" is a 1989 movie focused on delivering laughter and light-hearted entertainment, integrated with a subtle message about ecological obligation. The movie revolves around the exciting, typically ludicrous journey of 2 dim-witted truck motorists who unintentionally wind up carrying a hazardous waste product, navigating through a number of comical and absurd scenarios. While the movie may not have actually made a considerable splash upon its release, it has handled to stay a preferred among fans of the Barbarian Brothers and 80s funny movies.

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