Three to Tango (1999)

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Oscar and Peter land a career-making opportunity when a Chicago tycoon chooses them to compete for the design of a cultural center. The tycoon mistakenly believes that Oscar is gay and has him spy on his mistress Amy. Oscar goes along with it and ends up falling in love with Amy.

Film Overview
"Three to Tango" is a romantic comedy film released in 1999. The film is directed by Damon Santostefano and features an ensemble cast consisting of Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, and Dylan McDermott. This comedy-drama plays around the style of mistaken identities, enjoy triangles, and comical misunderstandings, producing an amusing mix which permits the actors to display their comedic timing and chops.

Plot Summary
The film centers on the life of a Chicago designer, Oscar Novak (Matthew Perry), who, together with his homosexual organization partner Peter Steinberg (Oliver Platt), is trying to land a significant architectural contract provided by the rich business person, Charles Newman (Dylan McDermott). Charles mistakes Oscar for being gay. He requests Oscar to spy on his mistress, Amy (Neve Campbell), because he trusts that Oscar, being a "gay", would not have an interest in her.

Oscar accepts it, as they fear losing the agreement if he decreases his deal. He eventually discovers himself falling in love with Amy, where the confusion starts. Amy believes Oscar is gay while Oscar does not expose the truth about his sexuality in an effort to win the agreement. This leads to some funny circumstances as he attempts to handle his growing sensations for Amy while keeping the pretense.

Climax and Resolution
Things become complicated when Charles proposes to Amy, presuming she would be safe with Oscar. Amy declines Charles's proposal and confesses her love to Oscar. Oscar, on the other hand, hesitates and does not respond due to the fact that he hesitates of exposing his real sexuality, which may lead to losing their business contract.

Oscar, who has actually now fallen passionately in love with Amy, realizes that he requires to stop concealing his true self. In a bid to come clean, throughout Charles's party, he openly announces that he is straight and his feelings for Amy are genuine. This confession not just surprises everyone however also costs him his agreement.

Nevertheless, his honesty impresses Amy, and she chooses to start a relationship with him, making it a heart-warming ending. In addition, Charles' fiancé takes control of Charles' business and chooses to grant their architectural business the contract making it a happy closure for Oscar and his business partner Pete.

General Impression
"Three to Tango" provides a fresh take on the classic romantic funny circumstance of mistaken identities and convoluted love interests. The comedic efficiencies of Matthew Perry as a lovable, straight male pretending to be gay, and Neve Campbell as the female caught in between two love interests deserve valuing.

The story is cleverly composed, filled with unforeseen plot twists and charming characters. While the style of the motion picture might lead to stereotyping and clichés, the delicate handling by the Director makes sure that the storyline remains amusing without being offensive. Although it consists of familiar aspects found in several Rom-coms, it manages to remain appealing and pleasurable due to its delightful cast and energetic pace.

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