To Love and Die (2008)

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A fun-loving 30-something (Shiri Appleby) with abandonment issues becomes convinced that her dating problems will be resolved if she can only track down the father she never knew. When she finds him (Tim Matheson), she discovers that he's an assassin and that she may have found her calling.

"To Love and Die" is a made-for-TV American action-comedy film that aired in 2008 on the USA Network. Directed by Mark Piznarski as well as written by Sara Goodman, the movie stars Shiri Appleby, Tim Matheson, Frances Fisher, and Ivan Sergei. The story revolves around a young woman called Hildy Young who discovers her estranged father, James White, is an agreement awesome, eventually leading her to reassess her life's objective and adhere to in his steps.

Hildy Young, a 20-something New Yorker with a history of fallen short relationships, is hopeless to find something significant in her life. When her mommy Sheila tells her that she was existing concerning the identification and also profession of Hildy's natural father, James White, Hildy becomes consumed with meeting him.

After tracking her father down, Hildy gets drawn into an adrenaline-charged world loaded with danger and also exhilaration. James White, a sophisticated as well as captivating man, takes place to be a contract awesome, component of a team of assassins. As Hildy gets closer to her daddy as well as his globe, she decides to end up being an assistant in his profession, aiding him with his numerous projects. Concurrently, Hildy duke it outs her sensations for her papa, battling to reconcile her inherent feeling of justice with her expanding attraction for James and also his unsafe profession.

- Hildy Young: The film's protagonist and a successful yet discontented girl, searching for meaning, link, as well as objective in her life. Hildy's decision, curiosity, as well as wish for a real connection with her daddy lead her to start a trip that alters her life permanently.

- James White: An enigmatic, enchanting, as well as competent contract killer who comes to be the driver for Hildy's journey right into the globe of murder. James' easygoing temperament and solid sense of duty regardless of his doubtful career choices make him a difficult yet fascinating character.

- Sheila: Hildy's mommy and James' ex-wife, a woman full of shame as well as regret as a result of the lies she has told her daughter. She functions as a voice of reason in the middle of the mayhem of Hildy's newly found line of work.

- Blue: A fellow contract killer on James' group who is also romantically included with him. Her relationship with Hildy is at first contentious, but she eventually ends up being a close friend and coach to her.

- Father-Daughter Relationship: The film discovers the challenging connection in between Hildy as well as James as they struggle to reconnect as well as develop a bond after being estranged for many years. Count on, love, as well as commitment are doubted as they navigate the world of agreement killing together.

- Self-Discovery as well as Identity: As Hildy explores her dad's profession, she begins questioning her own morals as well as identity. This journey of self-discovery pressures her to challenge her past and aids her recognize her own true wishes as well as purpose in life.

- Morality and also Ethics: The film yields the question of what is morally and also ethically right, as Hildy faces the idea of pardoning her papa's service and also joining it herself. The contrast in between Hildy's first uncomplicated views on right and also wrong and her ultimate embrace of darker ethical shades adds to the intricacy of the movie.

Essential Reception
"To Love and Die" received combined testimonials from critics and target markets. The efficiencies of Appleby, Matheson, and also Fisher were applauded, as was the amusing as well as humorous dialogue, which offered a lighter comparison to the dark subject matter. However, some viewers found the film's property and implementation to be predictable and also routine, failing to bring anything brand-new to the category.

"To Love and Die" is an interesting mix of activity, comedy, as well as dramatization that deals with intricate themes of self-discovery, principles, as well as family members partnerships. It may not have actually changed the wheel in regards to narration, yet it is a remarkably entertaining and thought-provoking film preserving the charm for fans of the action-comedy style.

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