Troll (1986)

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When a family moves into a San Francisco apartment, an opportunistic troll decides to make his move and take possession of little Wendy (Jenny Beck), thereby paving the way for new troll recruits, the first in his army that will take eventual control of the planet. We soon discover Torok is the ex-husband of Eunice St. Clair, a resident in the building who was married to Torok.

"Troll" is an American horror-comedy film released in 1986 directed by John Carl Buechler. The movie mixes a mix of supernatural fantasy aspects with typical folklore about witches and ancient creatures. The movie script was composed by Ed Naha, while Charles Band was the Executive Producer. The film features a young boy named Harry Potter Jr. whose family moves into an apartment building in San Francisco occupied by mystical animals.

"Troll" informs the story of the Potter household as they move into a brand-new apartment building. Wendy Anne, the more youthful daughter, is practically right away taken control of by Torok, an evil troll. Torok transforms her into a troll and continues to impersonate her while preparing to change the building's renters into fairy-tale animals to develop his own wonderful kingdom.

Harry Potter Jr.'s life changes as the troll impersonating Wendy starts to create chaos. He befriends Eunice St. Clair, another tenant in the building who is an effective witch. Eunice reveals to Harry that she has actually been in a centuries-old fight with Torok the troll, who was as soon as a powerful wizard that Eunice had become a troll in an act of revenge. Given the responsibility of conserving his sister by Eunice, Harry is taught how to utilize a wonderful spear to eliminate Torok and for that reason save Wendy and the rest of the locals.

Crucial Reception
Released with an R-rating, "Troll" is an unique mix of horror and fantasy that received a blended action from viewers and critics. Although it didn't set the box office on fire, it has acquired a big cult following. Critics such as Janet Maslin of 'The New York Times' appreciated its unique take on folklore, and the inventiveness of creating a world within an apartment. The film did remarkably well with house video sales, establishing it as a cult timeless within the horror-comedy genre.

Subsequent Legacy
The movie is significant for its cast, that includes a mix of brand-new faces and well-established actors. It features a young Jenny Beck in among her early roles, Noah Hathaway, best understood for 'The NeverEnding Story', and gifted stars like Michael Moriarty, Shelley Hack, and June Lockhart. In an interesting twist of fate, this film was the first to feature a character named Harry Potter - long before J.K. Rowling's popular series.

"Troll" generated a well-known sequel "Troll 2" in 1990, which was voted as one of the worst films ever made and ended up being a cult classic in its own right and led to a comedic documentary, "Best Worst Movie", about its making. A 3rd film, technically unassociated to the initial series entitled "Trolls" was likewise produced later.

"Troll" is an 80s cult traditional horror-comedy film that blends fantasy components with a creepy scary center. While it might not have actually been a ticket office hit, duplicated TV airings, and house video releases assisted increase its following. Its special take on folklore, its strange cast, and its surprising connection to the Harry Potter name make it an interesting expect fans of horror-comedy and dream genres.

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