True Grit (2010)

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Following the murder of her father by a hired hand, a 14-year-old farm girl sets out to capture the killer. To aid her, she hires the toughest U.S. Marshal she can find—a man with 'true grit'—Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn.

"True Grit" is a critically acclaimed, renowned 2010 movie directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The movie is based upon the 1968 novel of the same name by Charles Portis and is the 2nd adjustment following the 1969 variation. This Oscar-nominated movie stars Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin.

Plot Summary
The narrative is set into motion by the murder of Frank Ross (played by Rex Linn) by Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), a hard-drinking, hired hand. Frank's 14-year-old daughter, Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld), determined to bring her daddy's murderer to justice, works with U.S. Marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), a man she views as having the essential "true grit".

She persuades Cogburn by promising him a benefit of $50. The two are ultimately joined by a Texas Ranger called LaBoeuf (Matt Damon), who has actually been tracking Chaney for another murder in Texas. In spite of preliminary arguments, the 3 form an uneasy alliance and set off on their objective.

Key Events
Throughout their journey, the trio faces numerous obstacles. Mattie is kidnapped by Chaney, which prompts Cogburn and LaBoeuf to set aside their differences and pertain to her rescue. In a climactic face-off, Cogburn eliminates Chaney and 2 members of the 'Lucky' Ned Pepper gang, saving Mattie's life.

There are severe consequences, however. Mattie is bitten by a snake during the encounter and ends up being deathly ill. Cogburn, in a desperate quote to save her life, rides through the night to get her medical assistance.

The film ends 25 years later. Mattie, now a grown female, gets a letter from the aging Cogburn inviting her to a taking a trip Wild West reveal where he is performing. By the time she arrives, Cogburn has actually passed away. Mattie schedules his body to be relocated to her household plot and reflects on her quest for justice.

Acting and Directing
"True Grit" is abundant in strong efficiencies, particularly from its leads. Jeff Bridges provides an effective efficiency as the gruff and world-weary Cogburn. Similarly, Hailee Steinfeld, in her breakout role as Mattie, shines as a reckless and increasingly identified character. The top-tier acts are supported by a well-crafted script from the Coen Brothers.

Crucial Reception
"True Grit" got critical praise, applauded mostly for its instructions, writing, and efficiencies, especially those of Bridges and Steinfeld. It was chosen for 10 Academy Awards, consisting of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor for Bridges and Best Supporting Actress for Steinfeld. Regardless of not winning any Oscars, it did phenomenally well in the box workplace and is still praised for its gripping narrative and interesting efficiencies, making it a must-watch Western in the modern age.

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