Under the Same Moon (2008)

Under the Same Moon Poster
Original Title: La misma luna

Tells the parallel stories of nine-year-old Carlitos and his mother, Rosario. In the hopes of providing a better life for her son, Rosario works illegally in the U.S. while her mother cares for Carlitos back in Mexico.

Film Overview
The 2008 film "Under the Same Moon", originally titled "La Misma Luna", is a sincere drama directed by Patricia Riggen. The story focuses on the battles and determination of a young Mexican boy, Carlitos, who starts an arduous journey to discover his mom Rosario in the United States. The movie takes an emotional and practical take a look at illegal migration and the obstacles faced by immigrants in the United States.

Plot Summary
At the start of the motion picture, we see Carlitos dealing with his sickly grandmother in Mexico while his mother, Rosario, works as an undocumented domestic aid in Los Angeles, attempting to make adequate to bring Carlitos to the United States. When his granny dies, the nine-year-old decides to go find his mom. He employs the services of 2 trainee smugglers, Marta and David, who guarantee to assist him across the border for $1,200.

The journey across the border is laden with threat, causing Carlitos getting lost in the desert when he leaves from a raid. Ultimately, he's gotten by a seasonal employee, Enrique. At first, Enrique prepares to abandon the young boy at a social center, but he alters his mind when he realizes Carlitos is figured out to discover his mom. Together, they take a trip from Texas to Los Angeles.

Rosario's Life
Parallel to Carlito's journey, the audience also gets to see Rosario's life in Los Angeles. She's torn between the desire to return to Mexico and seek her kid, or to sit tight and continue saving to lawfully immigrate her boy into the U.S. She likewise fulfills a male who truly likes her and wishes to wed her, supplying a chance for a permit. However, Rosario rejects his proposal to continue her battle for her child.

Psychological Reunion
The climax of the movie develops when Rosario, on the verge of going back to Mexico, makes her typical Sunday call to the payphone in Mexico that Carlitos could no longer respond to. At the exact same time, Carlitos has reached the neighborhood in Los Angeles where his mom works. He hears his mom's voice over the phone and rushes in the instructions of the noise. Lastly, in a psychological scene, Carlitos and Rosario reunite on the street.

"Under the Same Moon" poignantly portrays the struggles of the undocumented immigrants, the dreams they go after, and the serious difficulties they frequently face. It skilfully depicts the love in between a mom and her child, depicting their strength versus the chances. Through Carlitos and Rosario's story, the film humanizes the narrative of migration, clarifying the sacrifices people produce their liked ones and their pursuit of a much better life.

Top Cast

  • Kate del Castillo (small)
    Kate del Castillo
  • Adrián Alonso (small)
    Adrián Alonso
    Carlos 'Carlitos' Reyes
  • Eugenio Derbez (small)
    Eugenio Derbez
  • America Ferrera (small)
    America Ferrera
  • Angelina Peláez (small)
    Angelina Peláez
    Benita Reyes
  • Maya Zapata (small)
    Maya Zapata
  • María Rojo (small)
    María Rojo
  • Jesse Garcia (small)
    Jesse Garcia
  • Ernesto D'Alessio (small)
    Ernesto D'Alessio
  • Carmen Salinas (small)
    Carmen Salinas
    Doña Carmen 'La Coyota'
  • Gabriel Porras (small)
    Gabriel Porras