Underground Aces (1981)

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The escapades of a crew of zany parking lot attendants.

"Underground Aces" is an American comedy movie launched in 1981. Directed by Robert Butler, the film features a skilled ensemble cast including Dirk Benedict, Melanie Griffith, and Robert Hegyes. The plot revolves around a group of zany parking attendants operating in the basement of a high end Los Angeles hotel who participate in all way of hijinks and shenanigans for the sake of comedic relief.

The film mostly includes Dirk Benedict as "Pete Huffman", the amusing and impish head valet at the attractive Beverly Palms Hotel. Pete's passion and commitment for his work are made more amusing by his inventive, double-parallel parking method that takes full advantage of space and allows him to accommodate a surplus of automobiles. His smart methods to enhance operations aren't lacking mischief, giving the film its amusing subplot.

Meanwhile, Melanie Griffith plays "Lucy", a fellow valet and the apple of Pete's eye. The drama unfolds as they browse their romantic feelings amidst the chaos of the underground parking area.

Supporting Characters
Other major characters in the film include Robert Hegyes as Pete's best friend and fellow attendant, "Newbomb", and Maggie Roswell as a novice parking attendant, "Scottie". These characters, with their unique personalities and peculiarities, supply an entertaining background to the main plot.

The garage employees are portrayed as fun-loving, eccentric people whose antics reach a crescendo when they navigate a Rolls Royce into a small parking area without taking a scratch. Their escapades lead to a series of comedic instances, stressed by suspense and love, supplying an entertaining viewing experience.

Emphasizes and Comedy Elements
Underground Aces flourishes with over-the-top shenanigans that take full advantage of the comical capacity of a hectic parking lot setting. A blend of amusing one-liners, slapstick, and situational humor provides the film an old-school, laugh-out-loud charm that is bolstered by the cast's passionate efficiencies.

There are also distinct comedic scenarios produced around the park attendants' creative efforts to squeeze more cars and trucks into the lot. The ingenious parking method referred to as 'stack-parking' in the film is one such insane method employed by the attendants to look after the parking-crisis issue.

"Underground Aces" provides a light-hearted dose of humor covered in the context of a simple parking garage. It utilizes this special setting and the zany attitudes of the parking attendants to full comical impact. While the movie does not delve deep into character development or profound styles, it offers a lot of laughs with its mix of physical comedy, entertaining dialogue, and screwball shenanigans. "Underground Aces" is a less-known funny gem that stands as a testimony to the imaginative enjoyable that can be drawn from regular settings and scenarios. Regardless of being produced over four decades back, the movie remains a delightful example of classic comedy movie theater.

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