Venus Rising (1995)

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A couple escapes an island prison and are chased through the real world where drugs and artificial reality are used to create emotions.

Movie Run-throughs
"Venus Rising" is an unique mix of action, and sci-fi, released in 1995, directed by Leora Barish and Edgar Michael Bravo. The central plot revolves around two characters, Eve and Zeus, who get away from a jail in a post-apocalyptic Earth to begin anew on an Earth-like world named Venus.

Cast and Characters
The movie stars Jessica Alba in among her earliest functions as Young Eve. Veteran stars such as Julia Dahl, Costas Mandylor, and Brian and Henry Bean make up the remainder of the primary cast, with Mandylor playing the role of Zeus.

The story starts with a group of military workers exploring on ladies, attempting to create super-soldiers. The main experiment, Eve (Audie England), and a guard called Zeus (Costas Mandylor) decide to escape from the state-of-the-art jail situated undersea in the earth's ocean - referred to as 'the Biosphere,' and make their way to Venus, viewing it as a 2nd chance at life.

Once on Venus, they are confronted with a dystopian society which is totally managed by males. The ladies on Venus are voiced tied; they can not reveal themselves or make decisions about their own lives and are leveraged merely as products. Venus is ruled by a male leader called Oliver (Morgan Fairchild). The story grows extreme when Eve and Zeus decide to revolt against the supremacy, and what follows is a series of fight series and psychological chaos.

Theme and Style
"Venus Rising" is set in the future, making it a futuristic dystopian movie. The movie features some harsh styles, such as societal control, inequality, and checking out boundaries. Moreover, it sheds light on the effects of a post-apocalyptic world itself. It utilized tech-heavy, steampunk looks that fit the state of mind of the film quite well.

Social and Cultural Context
The movie likewise serves to show the socio-cultural paradigms of the period when it was launched. Its claims on gender discrimination accompany the 1990s' movements for women's rights and more prominent feminist ideologies. The movie tries to communicate the message of equality, freedom, and depicting ladies as strong and independent individuals who can defend their rights.

The movie common of other B-level films in terms of budget and production quality, has enjoyed a little cult following amongst fans of the category. Regrettably, the movie's possible effect was watered down due to its minimal release and a less than stellar initial important reception.

In conclusion, "Venus Rising" is an action-heavy, dystopian sci-fi movie, which attempted to check out deep social problems. While it had drawbacks, the movie stays memorable for its enthusiastic concept, visual design, and representation of strong, independent females characters.

Top Cast

  • Morgan Fairchild (small)
    Morgan Fairchild
  • Audie England (small)
    Audie England
  • Costas Mandylor (small)
    Costas Mandylor
  • Billy Wirth (small)
    Billy Wirth
  • Jessica Alba (small)
    Jessica Alba
    Young Eve
  • Henry Bean (small)
    Henry Bean
    Customer in Bar
  • Dennis Dun (small)
    Dennis Dun
  • Joel Grey (small)
    Joel Grey
  • John Kerry (small)
    John Kerry
    Man in Lifeboat
  • Ivory Ocean (small)
    Ivory Ocean
  • Sean Rolf