Wanted (1999)

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Caught in the middle of a sting operation orchestrated by the FBI, Jimmy Scrico goes on the run for his life when he is tricked into believing that he has killed a Mafia boss.

Movie Introduction
"Wanted" is a compelling 1999 Australian film directed and composed by Costs Bennett. The main cast consists of Claudia Karvan as Stella and John Polson as John, 2 struggling actors who sign up with forces to commit a series of heists throughout Melbourne.

The Plot
The movie's plot revolves around Stella and John, who initially cross courses when Stella comes across John's tried suicide. She stops his desperate act, beginning a life-altering relationship between the two. Despite their dire financial condition and struggling acting careers, they stay enthusiastic of a better life. The encounter leads to them forming a strong bond, mirroring their shared struggles.

Motivated by a film they are acting in, the duo comes up with a strategy to rob a series of banks together. Camouflaged in movie-inspired outfits and equipped with reproduction guns, they master the art of the heist, dodging the authorities while averting suspicion. However, things take an extreme turn when they become embroiled in a major bank break-in that includes actual lawbreakers and genuine guns.

Character Development
Stella and John's characters progress incredibly throughout the film. Initially, they are portrayed as having a hard time stars who are disappointed and desperate due to their not successful careers. However, they ultimately transform into experienced and confident criminals who plan and perform a series of bank heists with know-how and accuracy.

Acting and Directorial Style
"Working with a skilled cast, director Bill Bennett effectively delivers an extremely enjoyable, action-packed significant film. Claudia Karvan and John Polson do a good task portraying their complex characters, rendering a reasonable representation of desperation, adventure, and even humor in the middle of the high-stakes scenario. Bennett's distinct directorial design shines through, striking a balance in between excitement and funny, which adds an interesting layer to the story.

Conclusion: Themes and Significance
"Wanted" explores significant styles such as desperation, relationship, and the lengths one may go to overcome their failures. The film also reviews the impacts of social pressures and how it can push people into taking extreme steps. The humor linked with adventure includes a distinct touch to the movie, making it an amusing and thought-provoking watch. As the plot unfolds, Stella and John's sociability and bravery in the face of risk stand apart, making their characters unforgettable.

This non-traditional mix of genres - action, funny, and drama - produces a special story that keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats. The significant twists and turns, combined with the interesting climax, make "Wanted" an appealing film. The movie concludes with a poignant and unanticipated ending, leaving an enduring impression on viewers about the thin line between truth and make-believe worldwide of acting.

Top Cast

  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Sue Bentley
  • Timothy Busfield (small)
    Timothy Busfield
    Fr. Donnelly
  • Michael Sutton (small)
    Michael Sutton
    Jimmy Scrico
  • James Quattrochi (small)
    James Quattrochi
  • Robert Culp (small)
    Robert Culp
    Fr. Patrick
  • Will Thayer