War Horse (2011)

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On the brink of the First World War, Albert's beloved horse Joey is sold to the Cavalry by his father. Against the backdrop of the Great War, Joey begins an odyssey full of danger, joy, and sorrow, and he transforms everyone he meets along the way. Meanwhile, Albert, unable to forget his equine friend, searches the battlefields of France to find Joey and bring him home.

Film Introduction
The movie "War Horse" is a 2011 war drama film, directed by Steven Spielberg. The plot is set throughout World War I, and it focuses on the bond in between a young man and his horse. The movie is based on a 1982 kids's novel of the exact same name written by Michael Morpurgo, later adjusted for phase in 2007.

"War Horse" begins in Devon, England, in 1914. A young farmer called Albert Narracott, represented by Jeremy Irvine, is fond of a horse foal, which he names Joey. After his daddy Ted (Peter Mullan) purchases Joey in an auction and puts the farm at threat, Albert guarantees to train the horse. Albert and Joey rapidly form a close bond. However, their euphoric time is cut short when World War I starts.

Joey's Deployment To War
With the war's break out, Ted is forced to sell Joey to the British cavalry, separating Joey from a devastated Albert who is underage to enlist in the military. Captain James Nicholls, played by Tom Hiddleston, guarantees to take care of Joey and returns a pennant to Albert for assurance. Nevertheless, Nicholls is killed in a charge, and Joey starts his turbulent journey into the scary of war.

Joey's Journey & Reunion With Albert
Joey experiences the harsh realities of war, from pulling weapons with fellow horse Topthorn for the Germans, serving as a sign of hope for two young German deserters to being deserted in a war-torn French farm, where he's fostered by a young girl named Emilie and her grandpa. The chaos of war continues to separate Joey from his temporary caretakers throughout the movie.

In the movie's climax, Joey encounters the 'no male's land' in between British and German trenches, getting entangled in barb wires. A joint effort by a British and a German soldier releases him, and the horse is returned to the British trench. All at once, Albert, partly blinded after a gas attack, acknowledges Joey in a British camp in spite of his vision impairment. Their reunion is initially questioned due to Albert's visual impairment, but when Joey responds to Albert's call (a distinctive whistle), their bond is reaffirmed.

The ending of "War Horse" brings an emotional resolution. Albert is cleared to go back home after completion of the war, however Joey is set to be auctioned. Despite Albert's effort, he stops working to redeem Joey, but in a turn of events, his daddy purchases Joey with the pennant returned by Nicholls, which Albert's mother turned into a "lucky appeal". The movie concludes with a touching scene revealing Joey back on the Devon farm, against a sundown backdrop, as Albert returns to his precious horse and their life together.

Total Themes & Reception
"War Horse" is a poignant tale of commitment, friendship, and the atrocities of war. The movie's genuine efficiencies, jailing visuals, and Spielberg's deft instructions make it an engaging watch. It was nominated for 6 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, indicating its critical recognition. Its psychological story and brilliant war depiction advise viewers of the harsh truths of wartime and the enduring bonds of friendship that continue amidst turmoil.

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