Way Back Home (1931)

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A rural Maine farmer fights for custody of the boy who he's raised as his own.

"Way Back Home" is an American pre-code dramatization film directed by William A. Seiter and released in 1931 by RKO Pictures. The film stars Phillips Lord, Bette Davis, Frank Albertson, and also Effie Palmer, among others. Based upon the radio program "Seth Parker" produced by Phillips Lord, the film tells a heartfelt story of belief, mercy, and the value of household throughout the Great Depression. The film fixate the lives of Seth Parker, a country preacher and also storekeeper, and his close-knit area in Maine.

Story Summary
The film opens with Seth Parker, a sectarian preacher in Maine, leading a worship with his members. Seth is loved by everyone in the town for his wisdom as well as generosity, and also he has actually taken young David Clark under his wing after the death of David's moms and dads. The regional store owner, Mr. Mason, enables the rest of the home to reside in a house he possesses, for David helping him.

Eventually, the well-off as well as well-traveled city slicker Sam Thompson checks out the town and is struck by the attractive Mary Lucy Duffy, who is under the care of Seth after her papa's suicide. Sam attempts to thrill Mary Lucy with his advanced manners as well as worldly knowledge but she remains devoted to her long-time sweetheart, David. Sam recognizes that he can not win Mary Lucy's heart straight, so he develops a shrewd strategy to win her over indirectly.

Sam purchases Mr. Mason's shop as well as your house where the Parkers live. He after that tells David that if he intends to maintain his task as well as your house, he needs to most likely to the big city as well as help Sam's business. David hesitantly concurs, fearing he has no other choices to support his household, as well as he leaves for the city. As Seth as well as his spouse Martha try to pick up the pieces as well as find a brand-new area to live, Sam uses to care for Mary Lucy as well as supply her with a task at his firm. She accepts his offer, though David is totally not aware of this development.

Soon after David's arrival in the city, Sam assigns him to a remote work website, knowing that he will have no contact with Mary Lucy. David remains to write letters to his love, but she never ever gets them. Meanwhile, Sam tries to appeal Mary Lucy while at his firm as well as does well in making her his secretary, causing her to take a passion in him.

Back in Maine, Seth gets a letter from David, who is fretted about his future in addition to his debt to Sam Thompson. Seth makes a decision to take a trip to the city to challenge Sam as well as settle the scenario. Arriving at Sam's office, Seth locates Mary Lucy, and after clearing the misconceptions and hoax, both rejoin with David.

In the finale, Seth faces Sam Thompson about his dishonest habits and his real objectives towards Mary Lucy. Understanding that he has been outsmarted, Sam gives up on his plans and leaves town. With his family members and community restored, Seth goes back to Maine with David and also Mary Lucy, that are reunited and able to start their lives together.

"Way Back Home" keenly captures the themes of belief, family members, and also the human spirit throughout the difficulties of the Great Depression. With a gifted cast as well as a timeless story, the movie remains a classic that showcases the power of love, friendship, and community. Though the movie was launched in 1931, its messages of love, forgiveness, as well as the significance of sticking together through bumpy rides remain to reverberate with target markets today.

Top Cast

  • Phillips Lord
    Seth Parker
  • Effie Palmer
    Mrs. Parker
  • Frank Albertson (small)
    Frank Albertson
    David Clark
  • Bette Davis (small)
    Bette Davis
    Mary Lucy Duffy
  • Frankie Darro (small)
    Frankie Darro
  • Dorothy Peterson (small)
    Dorothy Peterson
    Rose Clark
  • Stanley Fields (small)
    Stanley Fields
    Rufe Turner
  • Oscar Apfel (small)
    Oscar Apfel
    Wobbling Duffy
  • Sophia M. Lord
  • Bennett Kilpack
  • Raymond Hunter
    Captain Bang