Where's the Money (2017)

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A quick witted young man from the streets of South Central must rush a lily-white USC fraternity to recover a stash of stolen money.

Movie Summary
"Where's the Money" is a 2017 action-comedy movie, directed by Scott Zabielski. The movie revolves around the witty, street-smart protagonist Del, played by Andrew Bachelor (King Bach), who need to retrieve a fortune hidden by his dad (Mike Epps) and uncle (Terry Crews).

Plot Overview
Del is an eccentric young man living in South Central Los Angeles with aspirations of building a neighborhood gym for his good friends and local youth. His life is suddenly turned upside down when his felonious father and uncle expose they stowed away a million dollars in an upscale, mainly white fraternity home which used to be their old flop house. The cash was taken from a bank and concealed away before they were captured and imprisoned.

Del's initial strategy involves penetrating the fraternity where the cash is hidden. Nevertheless, he realizes it would be impossible to just waltz in and discover the cash without getting caught. In a humorous twist, Del ends up vowing to the fraternity - a commitment he's ill-prepared for however should sustain to locate the covert stash. Together with Del, his buddies Juice (Allen Maldonado) and Alicia (Kat Graham) form the central supporting characters, supplying Del with much-needed inspiration and support.

Comedic Elements and Challenges
Throughout the film, viewers witness Del's funny attempts to suit fraternity life in addition to his navigation through different cultural divides. Stabilizing humor with social commentary, the movie skillfully checks out cultural stereotypes, humorously buffooning fraternity rituals and South LA gang culture. Del's journey through the frat home culture tosses him into a series of comical misadventures and brings many laugh-out-loud moments. All the while, the look for the covert loot remains a hidden nail-biting plot point.

Climax and Conclusion
As Del digs even more into the college fraternity's rigid customs and sense of brotherhood, he challenges the status quo of fraternity life and assists in a modification in the fraternity habits. After many funny and complex circumstances, his figured out and relentless search eventually leads him to the secret stash. The film ends on a high note, with Del utilizing the cash to achieve his preliminary goal: the facility of a youth health club in his area. He not only finds his dad's loot, however while doing so, also finds a greater sense of purpose and neighborhood.

Overall Review
"Where's the Money" uses an amusing mix of comedy, action, and important life lessons thrown in for excellent measure. Andrew Bachelor's comical timing, paired with a well-structured narrative and solid supporting cast, provides a refreshing informative look at cultural divides. The film, with its unusual facility, special funny, and strong social undertones, engages the audience up until the very end.

Top Cast

  • Andrew Bachelor (small)
    Andrew Bachelor
  • Kat Graham (small)
    Kat Graham
  • Terry Crews (small)
    Terry Crews
  • Method Man (small)
    Method Man
  • Mike Epps (small)
    Mike Epps
  • Retta (small)
  • Logan Paul (small)
    Logan Paul
  • Chelsea Alden (small)
    Chelsea Alden
    Sorority Girl #1
  • Devon Werkheiser (small)
    Devon Werkheiser
  • Josh Brener (small)
    Josh Brener
  • Caleb Emery (small)
    Caleb Emery