Whipped (2000)

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Three to one may sound like fairly good odds, but it depends on the game. When the "one" is one very irresistible woman and the "three" are three hopelessly smitten guys, the deck is pretty stacked. In the battle of the sexes, the first rule is to never underestimate the power of a woman.

Film Synopsis
"Whipped" is an American film launched in 2000, directed and written by Peter M. Cohen. The genre of the film is a combination of comedy, drama, and love. The story of the movie focuses on 3 young, arrogant and self-centered men - Brad, Zeke, and Jonathan - who are totally smitten and controlled by a single female, Mia. Their fascination for Mia not just makes them question their shallow way of lives, however likewise evaluates their fraternity.

The Characters
3 buddies, Brad (played by Brian Van Holt), Zeke (played by Zorie Barber), and Jonathan (played by Jonathan Abrahams) fulfill every Sunday at a restaurant to share their sexual conquests and experiences of the week with each other. Brad is a crude, outspoken Wall Street broker who's success fosters his conceited nature. Zeke is a hip, fancy and sarcastically amusing aiming author, with a perpetual desire for experience. Jonathan is a self-assured, yet insecure, young telemarketer with an invariable interest in ladies's looks.

The Plot
Their lives deviate when they all coincidently fulfill the enigmatic, gorgeous and smart Mia (played by Amanda Peet) who ends up dating all three of them at the same time. As each buddy courts Mia, they feel they've found 'the one' and vie for Mia's love, in trick, uninformed that they all are chasing after the very same woman. Through a turn of occasions, Mia's control becomes obvious when she plans a surprise for her suitors, exposing to them that she 'd been hustling all 3 all at once.

The Twist
Following the discovery, the pals are left in shock, causing them chaos, humiliation, and prompting their competition versus each other. Instead of coming together and scolding Mia, they face off versus one another, exposing harsh facts. They accuse one another of being too cowardly or too stupid for not recognizing Mia's manipulative video game. This argument shows their complacency and ignorance about their own adjustment and objectification of females.

The Ending
In the end, the three good friends are left deserted by Mia who moves on, unaffected by the chaos she has actually left. Regardless of their fallout, the buddies reunite in their normal Sunday routine, damaged and bruised emotionally, understanding their flawed viewpoint towards women. The movie ends by showing them melancholy and regretful for their objectification of females and their shallow approach towards relationships.

Last Remarks
"Whipped" is a severe commentary on objectification, adjustment, and misconceptions in relationships masked under sarcastic humor and significant characters. It depicts a concentrated message where individuals, knotted in their games and adjustments, typically end up losing their close relations. The film supplies a distinct perspective by centering the narrative where the manipulator ends up being the controlled, making for a wacky, thought-provoking, yet entertaining watch.

Top Cast

  • Amanda Peet (small)
    Amanda Peet
  • Brian Van Holt (small)
    Brian Van Holt
  • Jonathan Abrahams (small)
    Jonathan Abrahams
  • Zorie Barber (small)
    Zorie Barber
  • Judah Domke (small)
    Judah Domke
  • Callie Thorne (small)
    Callie Thorne
  • Bridget Moynahan (small)
    Bridget Moynahan
  • Taryn Reif (small)
    Taryn Reif
  • Neriah Davis (small)
    Neriah Davis
    'Plan' Girl
  • Beth Ostrosky Stern (small)
    Beth Ostrosky Stern
    Bar Girl
  • Jamie Donahue
    Bar Girl