White Dwarf (1995)

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In a distant future New York medical student Driscoll Rampart accomplishes his internship at Rusta, a rural planet that doesn't revolve around its axis and therefore is divided into contrasting halves of eternal day vs. eternal night. One is a Victorian-styled colony, the other a medieval kingdom. Both leave Rampart in a state of constant wonder, as he finds his way among humans and aliens, strange dreams and even stranger reality, a dark keep and a red sea, and more universal matters of war and peace, good and bad, love and hate and sickness and health.

Film Overview
"White Dwarf" is a science fiction movie that aired on Fox Network on May 23, 1995. The film was directed by Peter Markle and written by Bruce Wagner. The story is embeded in the 3040s and takes place on the distant planet of Rusta, a world where life and death coexist in a state of spectral and lively symbiosis. Rusta is visibly divided into 2 spheres by a wall with one side permanently under the sun, also called the Half-Life side that represents life's beauty, and the other half, called the Dark Side, represents chaos and death.

Main Characters
The main character is Driscoll Rampart, a medical trainee from Earth who wishes to do his medical training on Rusta. This character's role is masterfully portrayed by actor Neal McDonough. Rampart's main objective is to discover a rare disease, 'Blackbone's curse,' which turns individuals into their own crystal tomb as quickly as they fall in love. The other considerable character is a dwarf called Zandir and his wife, Tegger.

Plot and Storyline
As Dr. Rampart gets here in Rusta, he attempts to understand the world of vibrant dualities. He gets a look of the stark contrast in between wealth and charm in the Half-Life world and the disease and chilling mortality of the Dark Side. Rampart comes into contact with two feuding royal sis, Lady Xastra and Lady Shadda, whose enmity develops political unrest in Rusta.

On the Dark Side, Rampart fulfills Zandir, a dwarf who struggles with Blackbone's curse. Zandir lives in worry of falling in love with his better half, Tegger, lest he becomes a crystal. Deeply moved by Zandir's plight, Rampart becomes identified to discover a remedy for the fatal disease and while doing so, finds himself captured up in the planet's socio-political conflict.

Throughout his journey, Rampart witnesses a consistent battle in between excellent and evil, life and death, wonder and horror. He experiences firsthand how wealth can trigger bitter bitterness and how appeal can develop into a beast. Not just does he be familiar with the planet's incredible nature and technological improvements, however he is also introduced to its severe realities and suffering.

Ending and Conclusion
Towards the movie's climax, Rampart manages to find a cure for Blackbone's curse, but not prior to Zandir crystallizes after confessing his love for Tegger. The movie ends with Rampart going back to Earth, substantially altered by his experiences on Rusta. Although the show wraps up this particular story, the ending leaves the possibility of future experiences and prospective continued expedition of the world of Rusta.

In summary, "White Dwarf" challenges viewers to think critically about principles of love, life, and death, and how they interplay under different circumstances. Its distinct blend of science fiction, fantasy, and drama presents an enchanting glance of an alternate universe, taking audiences on an awesome journey of expedition and self-discovery. Despite its short run and open-ended conclusion, the movie leaves an enduring impression with its thought-provoking story and interesting character development.

Top Cast

  • Paul Winfield (small)
    Paul Winfield
    Dr. Akada
  • Neal McDonough (small)
    Neal McDonough
    Dr. Driscoll Rampart
  • Ele Keats (small)
    Ele Keats
    Princess Ariel
  • Giuseppe Andrews (small)
    Giuseppe Andrews
    Never the Shifter / Doug
  • Tara Graham
  • Beverley Mitchell (small)
    Beverley Mitchell
  • Roy Brocksmith (small)
    Roy Brocksmith
    Guv'ner Twist
  • CCH Pounder (small)
    CCH Pounder
    Nurse Shabana