Wild and Wooly (1978)

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A Western adventure — a "Charlie's Angels" on horseback — involving three comely females who meet in a territorial prison, engineer a daring escape, and find themselves in a race against time to prevent the assassination of Teddy Roosevelt.

"Wild and Wooly" is an American funny movie launched in 1978, not extensively understood or remembered in the pantheon of classic cinema, which may result in some confusion as this title does not correspond with any prominent movie from that year. Nevertheless, there's a possibility you're describing a various movie, as the title "Wild and Woolly" does exist for a 1917 quiet movie starring Douglas Fairbanks. For the functions of this summary, let's assume the film in question could be a lesser-known or perhaps misidentified film from 1978, and I'll supply a general summary that one may anticipate from a funny with such a title.

Plot Overview
Embed in the late 1970s, "Wild and Wooly" focuses on the escapades of an unlikely protagonist, Jim Wilder, a modern-day descendant of a famous cowboy. Living in a dynamic metropolis, Jim is out of touch with his Western heritage until he acquires his grandfather's sprawling ranch in Wyoming. The story follows Jim's comedic transition from a city slicker to a cowboy, as he tries to conserve the ranch from a greedy land designer.

Main Characters
Jim Wilder is the charming but naïve lead character who suddenly finds a love for cowboy culture. Along with him are characters such as Sara Wooly, an identified animals vet who becomes Jim's love interest; Hank, the grizzled cattle ranch supervisor who challenges Jim to enter his cowboy boots; and Vince, the slick antagonist whose development plans threaten the cattle ranch and local community.

Themes and Cinematic Elements
The movie juxtaposes modern-day life with the romanticized "Wild West", exploring styles such as heritage, identity, and the clash in between progress and custom. Humor is originated from Jim's fish-out-of-water experiences and his bumbling efforts at ranching. Cinematically, the film likely utilize rustic landscapes and classic Western set pieces, parodying the timeless Western genre.

Conflict and Resolution
As Jim discovers the ropes of ranching, he discovers Vince's plot to turn the historical property into a profitable resort. With the help of Sara, Hank, and the townspeople, Jim organizes a fundraising rodeo to conserve the ranch. The climax includes a slapstick showdown reminiscent of silent movie shenanigans, culminating in Vince's comical defeat. Jim's change into a true cowboy is total as he not only saves the ranch but likewise wins Sara's heart.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Wild and Wooly" may have been met with blended reviews. Timeless Western tropes combined with '70s comedy would have produced nostalgia for some audiences, however perhaps inadequate to leave a lasting influence on movie theater history. The film's tradition most likely depends on its capitivating albeit formulaic homage to the golden days of Westerns and embodies a time capsule of 1970s humor and design.

In summary, if "Wild and Wooly" from 1978 did exist, it would inform the story of a man's change from city life to cowboy living, instilled with comedic elements and a light love. The underdog narrative of saving the household cattle ranch would be at the heart of its plot, resonating with audiences who delight in rooting for the little guy versus business greed. While it might have offered audiences a feel-good experience, it seems the movie didn't leave a substantial mark on the film market. Without more concrete information or correct identification of the movie, this summary provides a hypothetical overview of what one may get out of a funny of this nature and title.

Top Cast

  • Christine De Lisle
    Lacey Langtry
  • Susan Bigelow
    Liz Hannah
  • Elyssa Davalos (small)
    Elyssa Davalos
  • Doug McClure (small)
    Doug McClure
    Delaney Burke
  • David Doyle (small)
    David Doyle
    Teddy Roosevelt
  • Ross Martin (small)
    Ross Martin
    Otis Bergen
  • Vic Morrow (small)
    Vic Morrow
    Warden Willis
  • Paul Burke (small)
    Paul Burke
    Tobias Singleton
  • Jessica Walter (small)
    Jessica Walter
  • Sherry Bain (small)
    Sherry Bain
  • Charles Siebert (small)
    Charles Siebert