Wishman (1992)

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Basie is a man who collects junk and tries to make something out of it. He is also in love with Lily, a woman he has never spoken to but salutes every day. She is about to get conned out of her money by her greedy lawyer. And then there is the Genie who has lost his bottle and seeks Basie's help.

"Wishman" is a 1992 American comedy and fantasy movie directed by Mike Marvin. The movie includes a whiskered, bald and mythical animal, a Wishman, likewise called a genie, who is released from his confinement and produces havoc in Las Vegas. The movie boasts a humorous script and entertaining story, mixing the folklore of genies with contemporary settings and scenarios.

The plot focuses on a casino owner's kid, Mitch, played by Michael Bailey Smith, who inadvertently releases a genie, Wishman (Paul Le Mat). The genie had actually laid inactive for a thousand years inside an ancient bottle up until Mitch wrongly releases him, bringing him back to life. As soon as Mitch expresses his wish to see Las Vegas in a various light, Wishman bestows upon him an artifact that changes Las Vegas into a cartoon-like world.

Characterization and Performances
"Wishman" delightfully uses the character-dynamics between Mitch and Wishman. As an unconventional genie, Wishman has a strange guideline: anyone who owns the bottle he inhabits can make a desire, however it's the genie who decides when and how it gets given. This takes a hilarious turn when Mitch keeps wanting things that ironically make his life challenging.

Paul Le Mat provides a fantastic efficiency as Wishman, representing the childish innocence and fun-loving side of the character brilliantly. His decision-making skills and the hysterical consequences they lead to are what make the film an amusing watch. As he struggles to keep his genie nature in check and live a human life, he regularly discovers himself causing entertaining and surprising situations. Michael Bailey Smith as Mitch is similarly satisfying in his function, effectively representing his shock, marvel, and exasperation at the genie's actions.

Main Theme
As the storyline unfolds, the main conflict progresses around Wishman's vibrant, magical, and chaotic existence in the sleep deprived city, that makes Mitch nervous to return his life back to typical. However, there is a thoughtful subtext that lies underneath the comedic narrative, that touches upon the theme of true gratification and desire. Whether it's falling in love with a beautiful female or the yearning to be a regular human without the amazing ability to approve desires, what Wishman and Mitch really want both fall outside their individual realities, triggering them to lastly recognize what they have considered approved and what they really desire.

"Wishman" is a light-hearted, enjoyable, and lovely film that integrates funny and fantasy, using magical elements to highlight the intricacies of human desires and the perils of not being careful of what they want. In spite of its release in 1992, the styles and fun components of the movie stay relatable and entertaining. In general, "Wishman" stresses the effect of one's wishes on their life through an unique blend of humor, fantasy, and poignant life lessons.

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