Within (2016)

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A widower, his daughter, and his new wife move into a peaceful neighborhood. At first it appears to be a perfect neighborhood but the family quickly realize that something is not right about their new home.

"Within" is a 2016 American thriller-horror movie directed by Phil Claydon. The plot follows a family who recently moved into a new home, just to discover dark, sinister secrets concealed inside its walls.

John Alexander, a mild-mannered web designer, recently widowed, in addition to his brand-new better half named Melanie and his teenage daughter Hannah, start a new chapter in their lives by moving into a lovely house in the residential areas. Unbeknownst to them, the house was the site where troubling events played out, including the previous renter who was an invasive handyman.

Unveiling Darkness
As the family settles in, odd events begin happening inside the house, leaving them tense. Hannah, John's teenage daughter, begins coming across spooky minutes - observing figures in her peripheral vision and hearing unidentifiable whispers in the night. Initially presuming it to be simply new home adjustment tension, they start recognizing that there may be more to their home than satisfies the eye.

The True Horror
The story intensifies as Hannah's neighbor, Tommy, exposes that the previous owner of their home was a scary handyman who had actually included his recorded victims inside the walls. This revelation compounds the family's fear as they end up being more convinced that a malignant existence is looming in their home.

Sinister Forces Unleashed
The family starts to unravel the chilling secrets their home holds. Mysterious occurrences, eerie noises, and unusual shadows escalate alarmingly. The household comes across a hidden space in their basement where they discover the remains of the previous occupant's victims, validating the frightening reality about their house.

Escape is the Only Hope
When the family finally grasps the severe danger they are in, they attempt to get out however get secured your home. The spirit of the mad handyman attacks them, and they have to fight for their survival. The climax sees the antagonist developed into a phantom-like presence, looking for vengeance on individuals living in his house.

The film concludes with the family managing to fight off and seemingly ruin the evil spirit of the handyman. After the terrible ordeal, they leave your house, never to return. The movie ends on a chilling note, hinting at the possibility that the cruel spirit may not be totally overcome.

In general
"Within" is a suspense-driven supernatural scary motion picture that keeps audiences on the edge of their seat with its thrilling plot and eerie environment. It explores the themes of concealed darkness, the supernatural, and the fight for survival in an intelligently combined cocktail of horror and thriller. The film provides a climactic ending that leaves audiences questioning whether the evil is really gone. In spite of some traditional horror clich├ęs and foreseeable scares, "Within" sticks out for its climatic and grim storytelling that successfully manifests the hiding horror within what looks like a normal suburban house.

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