Woman on the Ledge (1993)

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Three longtime friends each struggle with a major life crisis threatening to destroy her.

Plot Summary
"Woman on the Ledge" is a 1993 television motion picture directed by Chris Thomson. The engaging drama informs the story of Nellie, a widowed mother recovering from a breakdown following the suicide of her partner. She returns to work as a secretary in the district lawyer's office where she comes across a suicide note that ends up being intertwined with her own story and results in a life-changing occasion.

Main Characters and Story Development
The film includes Deidre Hall as the lead character, Nellie, Ken James as her departed other half, and Cliff De Young as the district lawyer, Jake. When Nellie discovers a suicide note in the office from a lady who shares a hauntingly similar story to hers, she begins investing more time in the case. Thinking the female was accused wrongly of murder by her violent other half who subsequently managed her last story, Nellie becomes determined not to let this lady's story go unheard, unlike her own.

The Climax
As Nellie dives much deeper into the case without appropriate permission, she uncovers a web of deceit and corruption, and she is caught and fired. Undeterred by her termination, she continues her unofficial investigation which leads her to revealing a series of homicides masterminded by the victim's spouse. The climax of the film leads to Nellie ending up on a ledge a number of stories high in a significant ending.

The Grand Finale
In the final act of the film, Nellie winds up on a ledge in a tense standoff with the cops, drawing wide attention to her and the murder case she had actually been investigating. She utilizes this important circumstance to reveal her discoveries, showing the innocence of the deceased lady and linking the guilty parties. She declines to come down from the ledge till she protects justice for the mistreated female. Through media coverage, she exposes the corruption, resulting in the conviction of the deceased lady's partner and a corrupt district lawyer. The film ends with Nellie stepping off the ledge, having attained her objective of conviction and justice for herself and the deceased female.

Overall Review
"Woman on the Ledge" carries its message about the requirement to give voice to the voiceless, justice, and the possible pitfall of relying on the system blindly. Despite being a drama, the storyline maintains an investigative undertone that keeps viewers engaged. The performance of Deirdre Hall is praiseworthy and significantly adds to the success of the film. Her representation of Nellie's desperation to bring the truth into the light, while combating her internal satanic forces, adds a psychological depth to the character. Despite being a television movie from the 90's, the strong storytelling and the universal importance of the style make "Woman on the Ledge" an interesting watch even today.

Top Cast

  • Deidre Hall (small)
    Deidre Hall
    Quinn Allen
  • Leslie Charleson (small)
    Leslie Charleson
  • Colleen Zenk
  • Josh Taylor (small)
    Josh Taylor
  • Peter Bergman (small)
    Peter Bergman
  • Kale Browne (small)
    Kale Browne
  • Michael Zaslow (small)
    Michael Zaslow
  • Ken Kercheval (small)
    Ken Kercheval
    Dr. Martin
  • Garry Chalk (small)
    Garry Chalk
    Batallion Commander
  • Emily Perkins (small)
    Emily Perkins
  • Linda Darlow (small)
    Linda Darlow
    Dr. Fenton