Wonderland (2003)

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On the afternoon of July 1, 1981, Los Angeles police responded to a distress call on Wonderland Avenue and discovered a grisly quadruple homicide. The police investigation that followed uncovered two versions of the events leading up to the brutal murders - both involving legendary porn actor John Holmes.

Title: Wonderland (2003)
"Hollywood-based police procedural, Wonderland, directed by James Cox was launched in 2003. It stars a strong ensemble cast consisting of Val Kilmer, Kate Bosworth, Lisa Kudrow, Dylan McDermott and Josh Lucas. The movie presents a gritty tableau of drug dependency, crime and the dark underbelly of the Los Angeles pornography market, centred around the real-life Wonderland Murders of 1981.

Wonderland provides two stories - one following porn star John Holmes (played by Val Kilmer), and the other driven by the cops examination into the ruthless Wonderland murders. The movie opens with a celebration at the Wonderland Avenue, where drugs run free and uninhibited, lent by the notorious porn star, John Holmes. However, this hedonistic way of life is quickly halted when the residents of Wonderland Avenue are brutally killed, involving Holmes in a murder conspiracy.

Val Kilmer, playing John Holmes, is a washed-up pornography star, deep into drug addiction and owing money to essential figures in the drug underworld. His more youthful girlfriend Dawn Schiller (Kate Bosworth) is entirely hooked on compounds and the same lifestyle. To pacify his unsafe creditors, Holmes hatches a strategy to rob the wealthy and aggressive local drug dealership, Eddie Nash (Eric Bogosian). He employs the homeowners of Wonderland Avenue for the break-in, that goes effective at first.

The Wonderland Murders
The celebratory mood following the heist is short-term when Nash reveals Holmes' deceptiveness. The retaliation is speedy and ruthless, with 5 people being murdered at the Wonderland home. The 6th local is left significantly injured however alive. As the police investigate the crime scene, they reveal Holmes' ties to Wonderland, marking him their primary suspect. The only concern stays: did Holmes, allured in an unsafe cocktail of drugs, criminal offense and desperation, lead the gruesome attack on Wonderland Avenue or is he just another victim in Eddie Nash's revenge.

Informed through the several perspectives of Holmes, Schiller and investigator Sam Nico (Ted Levine), the examination of the tumultuous Wonderland murders is chronicled, adding numerous layers of intricacy to the narrative. The non-linear storytelling through multiple flashbacks works to improve the strength of the film, as does its concentrate on character exploration, particularly Holmes' shift from a popular adult film star to a desperate, drug-addicted thief.

In general, 'Wonderland' (2003) is a grim expedition of the seedy underbelly of the Los Angeles pornography market and drug community, framed by the infamous Wonderland Murders. Val Kilmer's gripping representation of the troubled John Holmes in addition to the movie's complex narrative structure makes it an engaging look for crime-drama enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the film's depiction of explicit violence, unflinching drug-use, and the dysfunctional world of hardcore porn might not be fit to all audiences."

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