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"Aaron Carter" is the self-titled debut studio album by American pop singer Aaron Carter, released on December 1, 1997. At the childhood of 10, Aaron Carter rapidly gained popularity as a pop and hip-hop singer. The album includes a mix of poppy tunes and ballads, showcasing Carter's younger and energetic vocals. Produced by Edel America Records, "Aaron Carter" presented him to the world as a young, gifted entertainer with an appealing future in the music industry. The album sold over a million copies worldwide, making it licensed Gold in a number of countries.

Track List and Music Styles
The album features a total of 10 tracks, consisting of the hit singles "Crush on You", "Crazy Little Party Girl", "I'm Gon na Miss You Forever", and "Surfin' USA". Each song showcases Carter's capability to mesmerize his young audience with memorable tunes and dynamic performances.

"Aaron Carter" incorporates numerous music designs throughout the album. While the majority of the songs are influenced by pop and teen pop, Carter also demonstrates his flexibility by incorporating aspects of hip-hop, dance, and ballads. The album's opening track, "Crush on You", is a modern pop tune featuring transmittable hooks and a memorable chorus. On the other hand, tracks like "Crazy Little Party Girl" and "I'm Gon na Miss You Forever" engage listeners with their up-tempo beats and danceable melodies, showcasing Carter's skills as an entertaining performer.

Reception and Awards
Upon its release, "Aaron Carter" got beneficial reviews from critics, who applauded the young singer's vocal capabilities and contagious energy. The album peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 1 on the Top Heatseekers chart in the United States. Additionally, the album reached licensed Gold status in several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Germany, strengthening Carter's track record as a gifted and successful young performer in the music market. This remarkable achievement was punctuated by Aaron's lots of live performances, where he would captivate audiences with his electrifying stage existence and experienced execution of intricate choreography.

While critics and audiences were typically receptive to "Aaron Carter", some expressed issue about the album's total production quality and heavy dependence on cover tunes. Critics noted that a number of tracks, such as "Surfin' USA" and "Iko Iko", were simply reinterpretations of previously popular songs, which they felt did not display Aaron's unique talent and potential effectively. The album's producers were motivated to use more initial product in the future, to offer the young vocalist an opportunity to grow and develop as an artist.

Despite the concerns concerning cover songs and total production quality, "Aaron Carter" stays a milestone in 90s pop music, and an important debut minute for the young vocalist. The album's success enabled Carter to continue developing his career with additional albums and live performances, making him a dedicated fan base and strongly establishing him as a home name in pop music.

In the years that followed, Aaron Carter went on to release several extra albums, consisting of "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)", "Oh Aaron", and "Another Earthquake". Nevertheless, none reached the exact same level of commercial success as his launching album. While Aaron faced personal struggles that impacted his profession, the impact of his launching album "Aaron Carter" on both his career and the music market remains undeniable. As a photo of 90s popular culture, this album continues to serve as a suggestion of Aaron Carter's sustaining charm and talent.
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