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"Now Is the Time" is the second studio album released by Alanis Morissette, a Canadian-born vocalist, songwriter, and actress. The album was released in August 1992 by MCA Records Canada, exclusively in Canada. Produced by Leslie Howe, "Now Is the Time" marked a turning point in her musical design, moving from the dance-pop genre of her launching album "Alanis" to a more mature pop-rock noise. The lyrics show Morissette's growing introspection and her views on social problems, and the album received mixed reviews from critics.

Background and Recording
After the success of her debut album, "Alanis", which went platinum in Canada, Morissette started working on her second album. She continued her cooperation with manufacturer and songwriter Leslie Howe, who had actually contributed in shaping her launching album. Morissette wanted to depart from the dance-pop sound of her very first album and move towards a more mature pop-rock direction, affected by artists like Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos.

The recording of the album took place in different studios in Canada, and it was a more individual and introspective work than her debut. Morissette co-wrote all the songs on the album with Leslie Howe, and they experimented with different plans and noises, incorporating guitar, keyboards, and drum programs.

Lyrics and Themes
"Now Is the Time" showcased Morissette's development as a songwriter, moving from the superficial styles of love and relationships of her very first album to more introspective and thoughtful lyrics. She began checking out social problems and revealing her views on topics like environmentalism, psychological health, and self-empowerment.

The album opener, "Real World", concerns social expectations and norms, while "An Emotion Away" speak about the complexities of love and relationships. "Rain" is a melancholic ballad about accepting sadness as a required part of life.

Other tracks, like "The Time of Your Life" and "Big Bad Love", are more upbeat and showcase Morissette's singing range and flexibility. The title track, "Now Is the Time", is a reflection on the short-term nature of life and the value of living in the present minute.

Reception and Legacy
"Now Is the Time" did not attain the industrial success of Morissette's debut album. It peaked at number 119 on the Canadian Albums Chart and generated 3 singles-- "An Emotion Away", "No Apologies", and "Can't Deny"-- none of which charted. The album got combined evaluations from critics, with some applauding the maturity of Morissette's lyrics, while others felt that her new sound was still discovering its footing.

In spite of its fairly modest success, "Now Is the Time" marked a crucial point in Morissette's artistic advancement, as she transitioned from a produced pop artist to a more authentic singer-songwriter. This evolution would continue after she relocated to Los Angeles and signed with Maverick Records, leading to the development of her revolutionary 1995 album, "Jagged Little Pill", which catapulted her to global fame and crucial praise.

In conclusion, "Now Is the Time" worked as a stepping stone in Alanis Morissette's effective and celebrated career. Even though it didn't gather much commercial success, it highlighted Morissette's growth as a singer-songwriter, and her expedition of new styles and music styles paved the way for her later work. Today, it stands as an interesting photo of her early career, an important stepping stone in her journey to becoming the renowned artist she is today.

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