ALICIA is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter and record manufacturer, Alicia Keys. Launched on September 18, 2020, the album is called after the singer's legal given name, marking a fresh chapter in her profession and showcasing her development as an artist. This 15-track collection includes a blend of different musical designs consisting of R&B, neo-soul, jazz, hip-hop, and pop, all infused with the unmistakable essence of Alicia Keys.

Alicia's vision for the album is to communicate messages about love, acceptance, and empowerment, discussing styles such as self-discovery, psychological vulnerability and acknowledging societal injustices. She explained in interviews that this task is about revealing her real self to the world and embracing her own identity, transcending her phase persona.

Track Highlights
1. "Truth Without Love" - The album opener showcases Alicia's emotional voice accompanied by a stable piano and beat. The tune discusses the importance of accepting the reality in love and relationships, expressing a mix of intense feelings.

2. "Time Machine" - Influenced by retro R&B sounds and futuristic electronic beats, "Time Machine" explores the notion of reflecting on life choices and valuing today minute.

3. "Authors of Forever" - With boosting tunes, this track serves as a reflection of unity and human durability, acknowledging the power that comes when individuals stand together.

4. "3 Hour Drive" featuring Sampha - In this soulful duet with British singer-songwriter Sampha, Alicia sings about genuine love and the sacrifices people produce their liked ones.

5. "Me x 7" featuring Tierra Whack - Hip-hop flavored, confessional track featuring a collaboration with rapper Tierra Whack. This tune concentrates on the value of setting boundaries and the obstacle of juggling multiple roles in life.

6. "Perfect Way To Die" - An effective, heart-wrenching ballad which straight resolves the topic of cops brutality and social oppression. The song's somber piano melodies and poignant lyrics make it a standout track on the album.

7. "Underdog" - Released as a single before the album's release, "Underdog" is a positive, up-tempo tune commemorating the underdogs and dreamers who work through life's difficulties and pursue greatness.

8. "Good Job" - A homage to essential employees and daily heroes, this touching song highlights the effort, devotion, and sacrifices made by those who typically go unnoticed.

Production and Collaborations
ALICIA boasts an impressive lineup of musical collaborations, such as R&B singer Khalid, Latin music sensation Miguel, and reggae artist Chronixx. In addition, the album includes production credits from respected manufacturers like Swizz Beatz, Tricky Stewart, Lido, and Rob Knox.

The album's varied range of noises, musical influences, and lyricism, showcases the flexibility and innovative expertise of Alicia Keys. While keeping her renowned noise, she handles to provide a fresh and contemporary record.

Critical Reception
Considering that its release, ALICIA has earned primarily positive evaluations from critics. They applauded Alicia's singing ability, effective songwriting, and her application of varied musical designs. Moreover, fans and critics alike have appreciated her determination to check out socially relevant topics and provide an authentic representation of herself creatively.

Regardless of some critics pointing out the lack of a cohesive narrative throughout the album, it is indisputable that ALICIA functions as an intimate and motivating listening experience, reflecting the essence of Alicia Keys as a musician, a role model, and an advocate for modification.

ALICIA is a deeply personal and empowering album from Alicia Keys that checks out the many facets of her musicality and artistry. As she welcomes listeners into her world and shares her thoughts on love, self-realization, and social concerns, the album stands as a testimony to the growth and continuous advancement of one of contemporary music's most appreciated artists.

Artist: Alicia Keys

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