Album: Forget About It

"Forget About It" is the eighth studio album by American bluegrass-country artist Alison Krauss, launched on August 3, 1999. The seriously acclaimed album features a varied collection of songs, drawing from categories such as bluegrass, nation, folk, and pop. The album showcases Krauss's sensational vocals and virtuoso fiddle-playing, along with the exceptional musicianship of her veteran backing band Union Station and guest artists. "Forget About It" is exemplary of Krauss's ongoing advancement as an artist and stays one of her most fascinating and flexible works to date.

Music and Lyrics
One of the crucial highlights of "Forget About It" is the remarkable musicianship, with Krauss' delicate and emotive vocals and her signature fiddle-playing taking spotlight. Her voice varies from tender whispers to soaring high notes that showcase her extraordinary singing variety and control. The album includes 12 tracks, blending conventional bluegrass instrumentation with modern country and pop components.

The lyrics throughout the album explore styles of love, heartbreak, and introspection. The opening track, "Stay", sets the tone as an unfortunate yet enthusiastic love tune, with the narrator urging her lover to stay by her side in spite of life's unavoidable difficulties. Much of the album's tracks deal with the intricacies of romantic relationships, with some tunes revealing vulnerability and yearning like "Ghost In This House", "Forget About It", and "That Kind Of Love", while others use a more optimistic view of love, such as "Could You Lie" and "Maybe".

A standout track on the album is the haunting ballad "Ghost In This House", composed by Hugh Prestwood and initially taped by Shenandoah in 1990. Krauss's performance of this song is heart-wrenching, conveying the palpable sense of loss and loneliness experienced by the song's narrator after completion of a relationship.

Collaborations and Guest Artists
"Forget About It" features a number of notable partnerships and visitor artists, including depth and texture to the album's varied noise. Most significantly, c and w icon Lyle Lovett lends his distinct voice to the harmony vocals on the title track, "Forget About It". In addition to Lovett's contribution, several members of Krauss's support band Union Station also offered their musical skills. Significantly, dobro player Jerry Douglas and guitar player Ron Block add their skills to the mix, providing the album its distinctive bluegrass edge.

James Taylor, another legendary artist, provides his smooth, soothing vocals to the harmonies on "Maybe". The collaboration in between Krauss and Taylor is nothing except magical, producing a memorable listening experience.

Reception and Legacy
"Forget About It" was favored by both fans and critics, further sealing Krauss's reputation as a versatile and proficient artist. The album peaked at number 60 on the Billboard 200 chart and stood at number 5 on the Top Country Albums chart. It likewise made Krauss a Grammy award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the title track in 2000.

In the years considering that its release, "Forget About It" has continued to be valued as one of Alison Krauss's many detailed and soulful works. The album stands as a testament to her immense skill as a singer, fiddle gamer, and expressive interpreter of tunes from various genres, solidifying her position as one of the most highly regarded and prominent artists in contemporary nation and bluegrass music.

Artist: Alison Krauss

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