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"Dream Too Much" is a children's music album by American singer-songwriter Amy Lee, best called the prima donna and co-founder of the rock band Evanescence. Launched on September 30, 2016, under the Amazon Music label, the album marks a considerable departure from Lee's renowned gothic rock and alternative metal styles. Consisting of 12 tracks, "Dream Too Much" was motivated by Lee's experiences as a mom and her desire to develop music for her son, Jack.

Background and Inspiration
In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lee revealed that her main inspiration for the album originated from her kid Jack, who was 2 years of ages at the time. As a brand-new mother, she found joy in sharing the love of music with her kid and producing songs together. What began as a family task with her daddy, John Lee, developed into a full-fledged kids's album that aimed to encourage a favorable connection in between children and their moms and dads through the power of music.

Lee teamed up with her siblings, Carrie Lee and Lori Lee, and brother-in-law, Tom Schreibeis, in the development of "Dream Too Much". The team composed original tunes, along with rearranged and adjusted standard nursery rhymes and timeless songs that Lee enjoyed maturing.

Music and Lyrics
"Dream Too Much" provides a varied and colorful fusion of musical designs, consisting of pop, rock, folk, and electronic elements. Each tune is crafted to appeal to children with its appealing melodies, positive rhythms, and playful lyrics.

The album opens with the title track "Dream Too Much", which is a charming tune serving as a reminder to accept the endless possibilities of one's creativity. Tracks such as "Little Bird" and "If You're A Star" showcase Lee's delicate singing work and presents for storytelling, while songs like "The End Of The Book" and "Hello, Goodbye" show the album's ability to bring whimsy and warmth to listeners of all ages.

"Dream Too Much" also features enjoyable adaptations of classic favorites like "Rubber Duckie", originally performed by Jim Henson on Sesame Street, and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", reimagined with a modern-day electronic flair. Lee pays tribute to her musical roots with a cover of The Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye", advising listeners of the ageless nature of music that goes beyond generations.

"Dream Too Much" got positive evaluations from both critics and fans alike. Numerous customers applauded Lee's ability to effortlessly switch gears from her darker, harder-hitting Evanescence style to develop a lively and engaging kids's album. The album's blend of original tunes and classic covers attracted a broad audience, thrilling both parents and kids alike.

Ultimately, "Dream Too Much" enables Amy Lee to showcase her versatility as a songwriter and performer while producing a special musical experience for young listeners. It encourages the celebration of imagination, the power of imagination, and the importance of sharing music across generations.

Although "Dream Too Much" is thought about Lee's solo work and a departure from Evanescence's normal category, it holds a special location in her discography. The album brings to the foreground her natural abilities to create captivating melodies and inform stories that resonate with listeners. As a children's album, it serves as a suggestion that music has the power to form connections and transcend age boundaries. The success of "Dream Too Much" also establishes Amy Lee as a flexible artist who can effortlessly navigate in between numerous musical styles, eventually expanding her appeal and strengthening her position as a gifted and influential musician.

Artist: Amy Lee

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