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Intro to "Get It Right"
"Get It Right", the 19th studio album by American singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin, was released in July 1983 under the Arista Records label. Produced by the famous Luther Vandross, "Get It Right" got blended reviews from music critics however still handled to leave an effect in the R&B music scene. The album is a reflection of the 80s pop and R&B noise, featuring a mixture of dance tracks, emotional ballads, and love tunes.

Collaboration with Luther Vandross
The late 70s and early 80s marked a duration of successful collaboration between Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross, who had already worked together on Franklin's 1982 album, "Jump to It". For "Get It Right", Vandross had not just produced however likewise co-written and provided background vocals on several tracks. This collaboration proved to be worthwhile, as it resulted in a noise that, while soaked in 80s R&B, kept the traditional soulful essence of Franklin's voice.

Track List and Musical Styles
"Get It Right" includes eight tracks, opening with the horn-driven, synth-laden title track, "Get It Right", and moving into the emotional balladry of "Pretender". The album likewise features the positive "Every Girl (Wants My Guy)" and the steamy "Better Friends Than Lovers". The anthemic "I Wish It Would Rain" samples The Temptations' 1967 hit and is upgraded with a pulsating beat and Franklin's powerful singing delivery. Other tracks include the contemporary R&B ballad "Giving in", the hauntingly reflective "I Got Your Love", and the album's closing tune, "Love Me Right".

The production values showcased in "Get It Right" are particular of the 80s noise; abundant in synthesizers, programmed drums, and electronic flourishes. However, it doesn't wander too far from Franklin's roots, guaranteeing that her emotional voice remains at the forefront.

Chart Performance and Critical Reception
Although not as commercially successful as Franklin's previous works, "Get It Right" did manage to obtain some chart success. It peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200 chart and number 9 on the R&B Albums chart. 2 of the album's singles, "Get It Right" and "Every Girl (Wants My Guy)", accomplished substantial chart positions on the R&B Singles Chart, peaking at number 1 and number 7, respectively.

The important reception for "Get It Right" was blended at the time of its release. While many critics praised Franklin's vocal efficiency and the continued collaboration with Vandross, others felt that the album greatly depended on its 80s production values and was, in some ways, a frustration compared to the duo's previous work on "Jump to It".

Legacy and Impact
Get It Right might not have reached the business heights of some of Aretha Franklin's earlier albums or its immediate predecessor, "Jump to It", but it still handled to display the indisputable talent of the Queen of Soul. Today, it is remembered by fans and music historians alike as a testament to her flexibility and her ability to adapt to modern patterns while retaining her authentic emotional style. In general, "Get It Right" is an intriguing picture of Aretha Franklin's career throughout the 1980s, displaying her collaborations with Luther Vandross and her capability to engage a new generation of music listeners through the altering landscape of R&B music.

Artist: Aretha Franklin

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