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"No Fun Mondays" is a compilation album launched on November 27, 2020, by Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Green Day. It includes a collection of cover songs that were originally performed during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of a weekly YouTube series. The series was a reaction to the lockdown measures imposed during the pandemic and intended to entertain fans as well as motivate individuals to stay at house.

Background and Concept
The album's principle started as an act of uniformity during the international coronavirus pandemic. While individuals worldwide were needed to remain at home, Armstrong chose to make use of the time at his home studio in Oakland, California, to tape and release one cover song weekly. As the series advanced, it became a method for Armstrong to pay tribute to some of his earliest impacts and favorite artists, spanning categories ranging from hard rock and power-pop to traditional rock and Motown.

The title "No Fun Mondays" is a referral to the album's weekly release structure. Its cover features a photograph of a graffiti with the words "No Fun At All" and "Here in your home". The album features 14 tracks, including both old favorites and lesser-known gems from a varied series of music categories and durations.

Track Listing and Musical Influences
The songs included on "No Fun Mondays" show a wide array of musical styles from various ages. Armstrong covers classics from iconic musicians such as John Lennon, David Bowie, and The Clash, in addition to lesser-known tracks from bands like The Avengers and The Equals.

Some highlights from the album consist of:

1. "I Think We're Alone Now" - Originally by Tommy James and the Shondells, this song was a big hit later covered by 80s pop star Tiffany. Armstrong's rendition restores the rock energy of the original recording and includes his signature punk rock style.

2. "That Thing You Do!" - A cover of the theme song from the 1996 Tom Hanks-directed motion picture of the same name, initially performed by fictional band The Wonders. The upbeat, catchy tune showcases Armstrong's pop sensibilities and penchant for memorable hooks.

3. "Manic Monday" - Originally by The Bangles, this song features an unique appearance from Susanna Hoffs, Bangles' guitarist and singer. The collaboration highlights Armstrong's love for pop music and knack for reinterpretation.

4. "Kids in America" - A cover of Kim Wilde's 1980s New Wave struck. Armstrong's variation maintains the propulsive energy of the original while adding a more punk rock twist.

5. "War Stories" - Originally by California punk band The Avengers, Armstrong admires his punk roots with this searing take on this politically charged track.

"No Fun Mondays" gotten beneficial reviews from both fans and music critics. The album was praised for its diversity in song choice, efficiencies, and Armstrong's capability to put his special spin on these beloved classics. The album was likewise applauded for offering an enjoyable and interesting escape from the grim truth of the worldwide pandemic.

In conclusion, "No Fun Mondays" acts as a testimony to Billie Joe Armstrong's passion for music and functions as a reminder that even during times of severe trouble and hardship, creativity, and expression can prevail. The album is an enjoyable and wholehearted homage to the tunes and artists that influenced Armstrong throughout his illustrious profession.
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Artist: Billie Joe Armstrong

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