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"This Is ... Brenda" is an album by the legendary American pop and country music vocalist, Brenda Lee. Launched in 2012, the album features some of her greatest hits and standout tracks from the early years of her career. Brenda Lee, who started her career as a child prodigy, has been recognized for her powerful and emotive voice. She is regarded as one of the leading woman vocalists of her time and has affected numerous considerable artists that followed in her footsteps.

The album "This Is ... Brenda" was developed as a greatest hits collection, perfectly encapsulating the renowned career of Brenda Lee. It comprises different categories that Brenda has explored throughout her profession, consisting of pop, rock 'n' roll, and country. This album really showcases the special talent and adaptability of Brenda Lee.

Track List
1. Saving My Love
2. La Vie En Rose
3. Speak To Me Pretty
4. You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
5. Fool No. 1
6. Anyone But Me
7. Break It To Me Gently
8. I'm Sorry
9. That's All You Got ta Do
10. The Waiting Game
11. Enthusiast, Come Back To Me
12. Everybody Loves Me But You
13. One Step At A Time
14. Feelings
15. All Alone Am I.
16. Heart In Hand.
17. Dum Dum.
18. Losing You.
19. Your Used To Be.
20. The Heart You Break May Be Your Own.

Standout Tracks
A number of standout tracks in the "This Is ... Brenda" album showcase the excellent range of Brenda Lee's singing capabilities and her ability in providing heartwrenching tunes. Some of these tracks consist of:.

1. "I'm Sorry": One of Brenda's a lot of iconic and well-known hits, "I'm Sorry" is a gorgeous ballad that showcases her tender and soulful vocals. The wholehearted lyrics combined with her exceptional singing delivery make this track a timeless and a must-listen for fans of Brenda Lee.

2. "Break It To Me Gently": This track, another of Brenda's most well-known hits, shows her ability to deliver psychological and gut-wrenching performances. "Break It To Me Gently" is a powerful ballad about heartbreak and showcases Brenda's unique singing expertise.

3. "Dum Dum": An enjoyable and catchy tune, "Dum Dum" is an incredible example of Brenda's capability to master various genres. This rock 'n' roll-infused track is infectious and showcases a vibrant and energetic side to the gifted vocalist.

Brenda Lee's "This Is ... Brenda" album acts as a testimony to the influence and tremendous talent of this renowned artist. Commemorating her renowned profession in the music industry, the album features some of her best work, highlighting her adaptability and remarkable singing range. She is credited to have actually paved the way for many artists in modern-day pop and c and w, through her memorable efficiencies and classic songs.

In general, "This Is ... Brenda" is essential listening for any fan of Brenda Lee or those interested in checking out some of the best music from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. This album not only encapsulates her amazing profession however also contributes tremendously to the abundant history of American pop and country music. The mix of ballads, rock 'n' roll, and nation that reflect the sounds of the age make "This Is ... Brenda" an outstanding and extraordinary album.

Artist: Brenda Lee

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