Album: Prayers of the Last Prophet

"Prayers of the Last Prophet" is a special album released in 1999 by the distinguished artist, Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. As one of the most popular converts to Islam, Yusuf Islam has actually committed a significant part of his life to promoting peace, tolerance, and education through the songs he writes and carries out. This album is a true testimony to his devotion to Islam, as it concentrates on prayers and religious material to help listeners draw closer to the Creator.

After his conversion to Islam in 1977, Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam, took a prolonged break from the mainstream music market. He shifted his focus towards humanitarian works and establishing Islamic schools in London. He also started creating educational and spiritual material for the Muslim neighborhood, which led to the birth of the "Prayers of the Last Prophet" album.

The album is a compilation of prayers, referred to as duas in Arabic, that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to recite. These prayers were collected from various genuine sources of Islamic custom. Yusuf Islam decided to compose and sing these prayers in a harmonic and modern form to enable Muslims and non-Muslims alike to appreciate and enjoy the appeal of the words of the Prophet.

Album Content and Structure
"Prayers of the Last Prophet" includes 22 tracks, with an overall running time of roughly 48 minutes. The album begins with a short intro offering context and function for the compilation, which is followed by brief melodies that present each prayer. The prayers are sung by Yusuf Islam, and an English translation of the words is provided in the accompanying brochure.

A few of the prayers included are as follows:

1. Supplication for Guidance (Track 2): This prayer seeks assistance from Allah to choose what is best and pleasing to Him.
2. Prayer for Waking (Track 5): A lovely prayer recited upon awakening, thanking Allah for the gift of life and seeking His security from wicked throughout the day.
3. Supplication for Peace (Track 8): A prayer looking for inner peace and harmony in turbulent times.
4. Prayer for Parents (Track 14): A heartfelt plea asking Allah to bless one's parents and forgive their shortcomings.
5. Prayer for Forgiveness (Track 19): A humble request for the cleansing of one's sins and the purification of the heart.

Influence on the Muslim Community
"Prayers of the Last Prophet" has had a significant impact on the Muslim community. It assists its listeners connect to the divine through the effective words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The album has actually motivated many to remember and recite these prayers routinely in their daily lives.

In addition, the album serves as an important resource for anyone seeking to read more about Islam, or to merely value the artistry and serene message it conveys. Yusuf Islam's mellifluous voice and enthusiastic rendition of these prayers make the album a satisfying and uplifting experience.

"Prayers of the Last Prophet" by Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens is an unique spiritual album that provides indispensable prayers and supplications from the Islamic custom. The album's effect on the Muslim neighborhood and the broader audience shows the power of music to motivate, inform, and join individuals around shared values. With his elegant voice and commitment to his faith, Yusuf Islam has actually made an enduring contribution to the world of music and spirituality through this timeless album.

Artist: Cat Stevens

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