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"Brand New Thing" is a 1977 album by the American trumpet gamer and bandleader Doc Severinsen. With a profession covering several years, Doc Severinsen has been thought about as one of the best trumpeters in the history of American music. "Brand New Thing" works as a testimony to his extensive musical abilities, as it features an eclectic mix of categories, showcasing his prowess not only as a trumpeter, however likewise as an experienced arranger and conductor. The album includes numerous outstanding tracks, featuring a blend of disco, jazz, and Latin affects that come together to form a cohesive and groovy collection of music.

Doc Severinsen, born Carl Hilding Severinsen, got significant recognition for his work as the bandleader on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" in the 1960s and 1970s. Although mainly known for his tv looks, Severinsen was also an accomplished recording artist, as evidenced by "Brand New Thing". The album was produced by Steve Cropper, a popular music producer and guitar player understood for his work with the legendary Stax Records. The album includes a line-up of impressive musicians, including horn players from the 1960s group the Famous Flames, and contributions from talented background singers, such as Jeanie Greene.

Track Listing
"Brand New Thing" comprises 10 tracks, mixing different categories for a distinct and interesting listening experience. Noteworthy tracks from the album include:

1. "Night Walk"-- An uptempo critical opener including a punchy brass section and transmittable rhythm that sets the tone for the album.
2. "You Put the Shine on the Shine"-- A memorable, funk-driven piece with a memorable chorus, showcasing Severinsen's signature trumpet playing.
3. "I Wan na Learn to Dance"-- A danceable disco tune, complete with a driving beat and sparkling strings.
4. "Chicken Chowder"-- A cool, brass-heavy critical that showcases the tightness of the band and Severinsen's arrangement skills.
5. "When It's Sleepy Time Down South"-- A slow, nostalgic ballad featuring a stunning and emotive trumpet solo by Severinsen.

Though not a huge business success, "Brand New Thing" was critically acclaimed for its unique fusion of categories and the outstanding musicianship on display screen. The album showcased Severinsen's flexibility as an artist, stepping far from his usual role as a huge band leader. The varied range of musical styles, from disco to jazz and Latin influences, produced an interesting and amusing listen, highlighting Severinsen's strengths as an arranger and bandleader. Fans of his deal with "The Tonight Show" were dealt with to a fresh and innovative side of Doc Severinsen through this album, as he demonstrated his ability to produce music that was both accessible and creatively strong.

"Brand New Thing" acts as an important turning point in Doc Severinsen's renowned career and a testimony to his wide-reaching musicianship. Regardless of not gathering substantial industrial success, the album has actually established a cult following amongst Severinsen's fans and music enthusiasts. The smooth blending of categories and unbelievable musicianship showcased on "Brand New Thing" continues to inspire trumpet players and artists throughout the world, marking it as a covert gem in the discography of among the most skilled trumpeters in American music history.

Artist: Doc Severinsen

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