Album: Doin' What I Gotta Do

" Doin' What I Got ta Do" is the third studio album by legendary American beatboxer, rapper, and manufacturer, Doug E. Fresh. Launched in 1992 under the label Gee Street Records, this album marked a brand-new instructions for the artist, strengthening his location in the music market. Known for his innovative beatboxing methods, Doug E. Fresh integrated his signature abilities with sincere storytelling and an eager ear for catchy, contagious tunes. The album handled to showcase his flexibility as a musician, songwriting prowess, and capability to adapt to ever-changing trends in hip-hop and beyond.

Album Overview
" Doin' What I Got ta Do" includes 13 tracks, each with its unique sound and style. The album begins with "Intro", a spoken-word piece in which Doug E. Fresh introduces the style of the album - doing whatever it takes to make it through in a hard world. The album is a mix of Doug E. Fresh's beatboxing talents, rap verses, and appealing hooks, with a mix of hard-hitting tracks and smoother, more melodic tunes.

Notable Tracks
One of the standout tracks on the album is "Bustin' Out (On Funk)", which features samples from the classic funk track "Bustin' Out" by Rick James. This song perfectly encapsulates Doug E. Fresh's capability to admire the music that inspired him, while simultaneously including his special twist and character.

Another highlight on the album is "I-ight (Alright)", an energetic, up-tempo track including a fast-paced beat and sample from the Isley Brothers' "For the Love of You". This tune became a hit in the United States, reaching No. 40 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and is still played in clubs and celebrations today.

" Doug E. Fresh & the New Get Fresh Crew" showcases Doug E. Fresh's skills as a beatboxer accompanied by rap verses and an appealing chorus. The track pays tribute to his New Get Fresh Crew and highlights the tight-knit group's chemistry and talent.

The title track, "Doin' What I Got ta Do", is a reflective and heartfelt look into Doug E. Fresh's life and the challenges he faces as an artist and as a specific trying to make it through in a harsh world. The song's effective message of perseverance and determination resonates with listeners, ending up being an anthem for those making every effort to get rid of adversity

Reception and Legacy
"Doin' What I Got ta Do" got mixed evaluations upon its release. Some critics applauded Doug E. Fresh's development and capability to adapt to the moving patterns within hip-hop, while others felt that the album did not have consistency and a clear creative direction. Regardless of the blended viewpoints, "Doin' What I Got ta Do" managed to chart on the Billboard 200, peaking at No. 135.

Moreover, the album assisted solidify Doug E. Fresh's position as a famous and prominent figure in the hip-hop neighborhood. His ingenious beatboxing methods and appealing stage existence paved the way for future artists and performers.

"Doin' What I Got ta Do" by Doug E. Fresh is a testament to the artist's flexibility, durability, and creativity. Although consulted with combined evaluations, this album had a lasting effect on the hip-hop genre and showcased the skills of one of its most popular leaders. With tracks that continue to resonate with audiences today, "Doin' What I Got ta Do" remains an essential chapter in Doug E. Fresh's storied profession.

Artist: Doug E. Fresh

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