Album: Go Your Own Way

"Go Your Own Way" is the second studio album by British vocalist Gareth Gates, which was released on October 20, 2003. Following the success of Gates' launching album, "What My Heart Wants to Say", "Go Your Own Way" intends to display Gates' growth as an artist. This album consists of a mix of original songs and covers, revealing Gates' varied musical impacts and unique design.

Background and Production
After increasing to popularity as the runner-up in the first season of "Pop Idol" in 2002, Gates launched his launching album, "What My Heart Wants to Say", which reached the No. 2 position on the UK Albums Chart. Motivated by the success of his debut, Gates continued to deal with his music and started the advancement of his second album. "Go Your Own Way" was produced by a number of significant music producers, consisting of Steve Mac, David Kreuger, and Per Magnusson.

Album Content and Style
"Go Your Own Way" has an overall of 13 tracks and effectively provides a versatile method to music with Gates accepting diverse genres varying from pop, rock, and ballads. The album opens with "Sunshine", a light-hearted pop tune, which is followed by the energetic and catchy track, "Groove with Me". These tracks display Gates' capability to deliver appealing pop performances.

Among the standout tracks on "Go Your Own Way" is the album's lead single, "Spirit in the Sky", which was launched to support Comic Relief 2003. Featuring the Kumars, this uplifting cover of the Norman Greenbaum timeless peaked at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart. Another noteworthy cover in the album is Gates' variation of the Fleetwood Mac struck, "Go Your Own Way", which works as a homage to the legendary band and includes an individual touch to the record.

Gates' singing range and abilities shine through in his genuine ballads, including "Just a Little Girl" and "Absolutely", which depict his signature emotive performances. "Club Hopping", another track on the album, shows Gates' ability to experiment with various musical styles, incorporating an edgy, rock-inspired sound. The album concludes with the magnificently crafted "Angel on My Shoulder", a track which showcases not just Gates' singing talent but also his growth as an artist.

Reception and Legacy
"Go Your Own Way" debuted at No. 11 on the UK Albums Chart and got mixed evaluations from music critics. While some critics praised Gates' singing abilities and experimentation with diverse musical genres, others felt that the album lacked cohesion and an unique identity.

Regardless of the mixed vital reception, "Go Your Own Way" established Gates as a flexible and skilled artist who was not scared to venture beyond the typical pop noise. The album's release was followed by a substantial trip that further strengthened Gates' position as a popular figure in the British music scene.

Gareth Gates' "Go Your Own Way" is a testament to his creative development and versatility, showcasing a broad variety of musical styles and influences that mark the singer's special technique. Although the album got combined reviews, its influence on Gates' career and the British music scene remains notable. Over the years, "Go Your Own Way" has become an important turning point in the singer's discography, highlighting his potential and willingness to take innovative risks.

Artist: Gareth Gates

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