Album: Suite española / Suite Iberia / Cantos de España

" Suite española/ Suite Iberia/ Cantos de España" is a 3-CD album launched in 1998, featuring the classical piano works of prominent Spanish author Isaac Albéniz. The album comprises 3 significant works by Albéniz - Suite española, Suite Iberia, and Cantos de España - celebrating the variety of Spanish folk music while displaying the virtuosity of Albéniz's piano composition skills.

Isaac Albéniz: A Beloved Spanish Composer
Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) was a Spanish pianist and composer, known for his piano works influenced by Spanish folk music. Throughout his profession, Albéniz worked with a number of other popular authors and artists, consisting of Paul Dukas, Fritz Kreisler, and Richard Strauss. The peak of Albéniz's popularity featured his magnum opus, Iberia, which is considered one of the peaks of piano composition.

Suite española, Op. 47
Suite española is a collection of 8 specific piano compositions developed to commemorate the vibrancy of Spanish folk music. Each piece represents a different Spanish area, showcasing the special musical designs and characteristics of each location. The work is characterized by Albéniz's prodigious capability to evoke landscapes, traditions, and environments through his music.

The suite includes the following movements:

1. Granada: The opening piece in the collection, "Granada", is a serenade-like composition that catches the city's warm environment. The abundant harmonies and tune are similar to the regional Andalusian guitar music.
2. Cataluña: A dynamic and energetic representation of the Catalonian spirit, including folk dances such as the sardana and jota.
3. Sevilla: A perky structure depicting the house of flamenco and bullfights, including syncopated rhythms and engaging melodic styles.
4. Cádiz: A delicate and delicate piece that mirrors the charm of the city and its surrounding waters.
5. Asturias: Known for its haunting melody, this piece communicates the rugged landscape and austere spirit of the northern area of Asturias.
6. Aragón: A vibrant dance with a mesmerizing tune, stimulating the perky celebrations of the region's capital, Zaragoza.
7. Castilla: A dance-based piece that draws upon the abundant folk customs of the area, highlighting the rhythmic and melodic accents of the seguidilla dance.
8. Cuba: Paying tribute to Albéniz's time spent in the Caribbean, this piece is a vibrant and colorful mix of Spanish design with Cuban rhythms and tunes.

Suite Iberia
Iberia is perhaps Albéniz's most iconic work, making up 12 elaborate and evocative piano pieces that further explore the diverse designs, rhythms, and textures of Spanish music. Considered a tremendous show of piano virtuosity and needing remarkable pianistic skills, Iberia is widely acknowledged as a work of art of Spanish piano structure. The suite is divided into four books, each containing three movements.

Cantos de España, Op. 232
Cantos de España is a collection of 5 piano pieces that highlight the diverse melodic and balanced elements of Spanish folk music. The structures explore a variety of designs, from Andalusian flair in "Córdoba" to the plaintive laments of "Asturias". While not as extensively called Iberia, Cantos de España still stands as an essential example of Albéniz's proficiency of Spanish musical culture.

In conclusion, "Suite española/ Suite Iberia/ Cantos de España" is a detailed display of Isaac Albéniz's talent for recording the essence of Spanish music in his piano structures. Each of the suites in this 3-CD collection transfers the listener to a various area of Spain, celebrating the abundant history and culture of the nation.

Artist: Isaac Albeniz

Isaac Albeniz Isaac Albeniz, virtuoso pianist & composer of Suite Española and Iberia. Discover his unique melding of traditional Spanish & classical styles.
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