Album: Sweet and Wild

"Sweet and Wild" is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Jewel, released on June 8, 2010. It is an intimate and sincere portrayal of Jewel's life, her relationships, and the beauty of nature and wilderness. With a fresh technique to her music by integrating the very best of her earlier work, the album showcases her special songwriting skills and smooth vocal variety. Gem remains true to her folk roots however likewise experiments with nation style, resulting in a lovely and wholehearted journey through the low and high of love, life, and whatever in between.

Background and Production
Jewel began working on "Sweet and Wild" after the release of her previous album "Perfectly Clear", which marked her launching in country music. Figured out to develop an album that concentrated on a particular genre, Jewel worked with manufacturer Nathan Chapman, understood for his work with Taylor Swift. Tape-recorded at her house studio in Texas, the album includes a mix of acoustic and stripped-down tracks, reminiscent of her early profession, and more polished, country-infused upbeat numbers.

Music and Lyrics
"Sweet and Wild" showcases Jewel's flexibility as a vocalist and songwriter. The album starts with the classic "No Good in Goodbye", including Jewel's signature acoustic guitar and soulful vocals. The upbeat "I Love You Forever" follows, providing a vibrant romantic narrative through engaging country-pop rhythms. "Stay Here Forever", initially tape-recorded for the motion picture "Valentine's Day" soundtrack, includes a memorable tune and heartfelt lyrics that stimulate the enjoyment of newfound love.

The album's first single, "Satisfied", is an uplifting anthem about discovering satisfaction in life. The strong tune and emotive lyrics resonate with listeners, offering a sense of empowerment in realizing one's self-regard. "Ten", informs the story of a damaged heart through a smart twist on the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians", utilizing the track's spirited rate to contrast the somber mood of the lyrics.

With "Sweet and Wild", Jewel goes back to her folk roots in tracks like "One True Thing", a tender ode to the beauty and simpleness of nature, and "Bad As It Gets", a melancholic narrative about standing firm through life's obstacles. The lighthearted "Summer Home in Your Arms" adds a touch of playfulness to the album, as it paints the image of a soothing and peaceful sanctuary in one's lover's arms.

"Sweet and Wild" also consists of a bonus track, "Make it Last", co-written with her then-husband, professional rodeo cowboy Ty Murray. The tune assesses the significance of relishing the very best moments in life and accepting the short-term nature of joy.

"Sweet and Wild" received mixed evaluations from music critics. While some applauded her emotional depth and songwriting skills, others felt that the album's thematic concentrate on love and relationships was somewhat formulaic. The album debuted at No. 11 on the United States Billboard 200 and No. 3 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. "Satisfied" peaked at No. 57 on the US Hot Country Songs chart.

Regardless of its blended reception, "Sweet and Wild" marks a considerable minute in Jewel's consistent shift from pop-folk singer-songwriter to successful country music artist. The album holds an important location in her discography for its heartfelt expedition of the complexities of love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Artist: Jewel

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