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" The Big Revival" is the 16th studio album by American country music superstar Kenny Chesney, launched on September 23, 2014, through Blue Chair Records and Columbia Nashville. The album marks Chesney's return to producing and songwriting after taking a year-long hiatus to focus on his live performances. The record showed Chesney's intent to produce a more significant album, both musically and lyrically, leading to a collection of reflective pieces with styles of individual growth and resilience.

Production and Styles
Produced by Buddy Cannon and Chesney himself, "The Big Revival" is understood for its diverse range of designs and affects. The album contains elements of country, southern rock, and reggae, reflecting his ever-evolving noise and the impacts from his life experiences. Chesney worked together with different songwriters and artists for this album, consisting of Rodney Clawson, David Lee Murphy, Josh Osborne, and Shane McAnally.

Much of the tunes' styles are about self-reflection, redemption, and personal development, offering the album a general introspective feel. This fully grown direction sets it apart from some of his previous party anthems and beach-themed music. The album's title, "The Big Revival", is a sign of the style of revival and renewal that prevails throughout the album, as Chesney revitalized his career after stepping away from the spotlight for a short duration.

Track Listing and Notable Songs
" The Big Revival" album includes 11 tracks, each providing a special point of view on the style of personal development. Some of the standout tracks from the record consist of:

1. "The Big Revival": The album's title track serves as an example of Chesney's desire to create a more meaningful and introspective work. This song sets the tone for the album's styles of rebirth and redemption.

2. "American Kids": This lead single from the record became one of Chesney's biggest hits, peaking at number two on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The appealing, feel-good anthem commemorates the unity and variety of American youth while reminiscing about simpler times.

3. "Til It's Gone": Another significant track from the album, "Til It's Gone", advises listeners to treasure every minute and take the day. The song embodies the resilience and determination to live life to the fullest.

4. "Wild Child": A collaboration with singer-songwriter Grace Potter, this song is a tribute to free-spirited, daring, and independent women. The track showcases Chesney's versatility as an artist, mixing country with a tip of folk music.

Commercial Performance and Critical Reception
"The Big Revival" was popular by both fans and critics, making Chesney his 13th top 10 album on the US Billboard 200 chart and his 10th primary album on the Top Country Albums chart. The album sold 130,000 copies in its first week of release and has actually since been licensed Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Critics praised Chesney's recover, with lots of valuing his reflective technique to songwriting and the thoroughly crafted themes present throughout the album. His ability to mix different musical categories and work together with different artists likewise drew appreciation from reviewers.

In conclusion, "The Big Revival" marked a significant point in Kenny Chesney's profession, showcasing his growth as an artist and his desire to develop more meaningful and personal music. The album's industrial success and favorable critical reception prove that Chesney's ability to evolve and explore various musical styles and themes resonates with his fans. "The Big Revival" works as a testament to the durability and development of both the artist and his listeners.
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