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"Fiebre de amor" (Fever of Love) is a renowned Latin pop album released by Mexican singer Luis Miguel in 1982. It was his fourth studio album and featured 8 hit tracks. The album showcases a 12-year-old Luis Miguel, who was widely referred to as "El Sol de México" (The Sun of Mexico), at the peak of his singing profession. The album includes upbeat songs, like ballads, and fan-favorite hits, which developed Luis Miguel as a gifted and successful teenage phenomenon in the Latin music scene.

Production and Collaborations
Fiebre de amor was produced by the gifted Mexican composer, Honorio Herrero, who was famous for his work in Latin popular song back in the 1980s. The album includes partnerships with prominent artists and vocalists, such as Lucía Méndez, Carlos Cuevas, and Pedrito Sola, which even more added to the album's widespread success and appeal.

The album's creation was started when Luis Miguel was currently a widely known teenage experience thanks to his first three albums: "Un Sol", "Directo al corazón", and "Decídete". Fiebre de amor builds on his early successes, showcasing his growing voice and acting skills in a distinct mix that struck the right chord with audiences.

Track Listing and Top Hits
Fiebre de amor consists of the following eight tracks:

1. Fiebre de amor
2. Tu amiga fiel (Your faithful good friend).
3. No me pisen que llevo chanclas (Don't step on me, I'm wearing shoes).
4. ¿ Qué hago yo? (What do I do?).
5. ¡ Qué! Tristeza (What unhappiness!).
6. Yo que no vivo sin ti (I can't live without you).
7. Eres (You are).
8. Es mejor así (It's better this way).

Amongst these, "Fiebre de amor", "Tu amiga fiel", "No me pisen que llevo chanclas", and "Yo que no vivo sin ti" were the most popular hits on the album, getting substantial airplay on radio stations and reaching top positions on music charts throughout Latin America. The tunes mesmerized audiences not just with their memorable tunes and significant lyrics, however also through Luis Miguel's passionate efficiency and vocals, which gracefully portrayed the feelings and beliefs in each track.

Motion picture Adaptation
Due to the album's immense appeal, it was soon transformed into an effective movie of the same name, directed by René Cardona Jr. and co-starring Lucía Méndez. "Fiebre de amor" the motion picture was launched in 1985 and tells the story of a teenage lady who escapes to Mexico City to pursue her dream of meeting her idol, Luis Miguel. The sincere story, catchy soundtrack, and engaging efficiencies by the cast, consisting of Luis Miguel himself, amassed the motion picture fantastic success and more cemented Luis Miguel's status as a Latin pop icon.

Fiebre de amor stays a substantial work in the life of Luis Miguel, which highlights the unbelievable talent of the young singer. The album's catchy tunes and fully grown efficiency by a teen left an enduring impression in the hearts of fans, securing Luis Miguel's place amongst the famous Latin pop singers. With the frustrating success of Fiebre de amor, Luis Miguel continued to dominate the Latin music scene through his renowned career, releasing various albums, earning numerous awards and awards, and becoming one of the most effective Latin artists of perpetuity.
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