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" Songs" is the 13th studio album by esteemed American R&B and soul singer-songwriter Luther Vandross, released on September 27, 1994, by Epic Records. This landmark album commemorates Vandross' exceptional singing capabilities and creative style, as he carries out exceptional performances of timeless songs by numerous artists. The album saw Vandross deviating from his typical design of original composition, commemorating hits from different artists and genres. "Songs" received substantial industrial success, peaking at number 5 on the United States Billboard 200 chart. In addition, it gathered full marks from critics and fans alike for its passionate and emotive delivery, more cementing Vandross' tradition in the music industry.

Tracklist and Notable Songs
" Songs" features 13 tracks, all of which are covers of popular songs by numerous artists, covering different decades and categories. A few of the most significant songs on the album consist of:

1. "Love the One You're With" (originally by Stephen Stills) - Vandross' soulful rendition of this positive timeless brings a fresh energy to the track while maintaining its initial spirit and message of love.

2. "Killing Me Softly" (initially by Roberta Flack) - A gorgeous analysis of this classic tune, Vandross showcases his unparalleled singing range and ability to provide engaging feeling through music.

3. "Endless Love" (featuring Mariah Carey; originally by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie) - In this powerful duet with pop diva Mariah Carey, Vandross and Carey produce a spectacular harmony, breathing new life into this traditional romantic ballad.

4. "Evergreen (Love Theme from 'A Star Is Born')" (initially by Barbra Streisand) - Luther Vandross masterfully reimagines this timeless song from the film "A Star Is Born", presenting a genuine and moving performance.

5. "Reflections" (originally by The Supremes) - Vandross' soulful, contemporary take on this Motown traditional displays his ability to adjust and rejuvenate iconic songs from the past.

Reception and Accolades
"Songs" received extensive recognition from both critics and fans, applauding Vandross for his remarkable vocal skill and ability to elevate the original songs with his own unique style and warmth. The album debuted at number 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart and remained on the chart for 43 weeks, showing its substantial business success.

The album made Vandross a Grammy election in the classification of Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Endless Love" (with Mariah Carey). Moreover, the album's second single, "Always and Forever", reached number 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 18 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

"Songs" is an outstanding example of Luther Vandross' tremendous skill, flexibility, and impact on the music industry. The album is a testimony to Vandross' ability to reinterpret and elevate classic songs, making them his own while remaining true to their initial essence. Over 20 years later, "Songs" continues to be a popular and valued album in Vandross' comprehensive discography.

In conclusion, Luther Vandross' "Songs" is an iconic and romantic album, filled with genuine and spectacular renditions of popular tracks from numerous artists. The album not only commemorates the initial songs however likewise showcases Vandross' unparalleled vocal prowess, guaranteeing its place in music history as an ageless classic.

Artist: Luther Vandross

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