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Macy Gray's 2012 album, "Covered", is a distinct collection of covers, tunes originally sung by other artists, that showcase her unmatched voice and unique design. The American singer-songwriter and Grammy Award winner put her own twist on numerous popular tracks, offering a fresh, brand-new perspective on the hits. This was her 6th studio album, launched 6 years after the success of her debut, "On How Life Is" (1999). This album includes covers of artists from different categories, exemplifying Gray's broad taste and capability to make any tune her own.

Track list
"Covered" consists of fourteen tracks, with a significant selection of covers that covers years and genres. Here is the full track list and the initial artists:

1. Here Comes The Rain Again (initially by Eurythmics).
2. Creep (originally by Radiohead).
3. You Want Them Nervous (act featuring J.B. Smoove).
4. Smoke Two Joints (initially by The Toyes).
5. La Vie En Rose (initially by Édith Piaf).
6. Teens (initially by My Chemical Romance).
7. The Power of Love (originally by Huey Lewis and the News).
8. Nothing Else Matters (initially by Metallica).
9. Cruise (initially by AWOLNATION).
10. I Try is Cool and All, But ... (skit including Nicole Scherzinger).
11. Maps (initially by Yeah Yeahs).
12. Love Lockdown/Buck (initially by Kanye West/Nina Simone).
13. Mel Rap (featuring Mel Hinds).
14. Bubbly (originally by Colbie Caillat).
15. Awaken (initially by Arcade Fire).
16. Actually? (spoof featuring MC Lyte).

As seen in the track list, Gray covers a diverse series of songs, from the energetic pop-rock anthem, "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance, to the traditional French ballad, "La Vie En Rose" by Édith Piaf. Gray's sultry, raspy voice brings an unique design and feel to each track, showing her capability to tackle various genres.

Production and Collaboration
"Covered" was produced by Hal Willner, understood for his homage albums and work on "Saturday Night Live". This cooperation led to a shared vision for the task: to develop a collection of eccentric and intriguing songs that highlighted Gray's distinct singing talent. The album includes a number of spoofs including stars and artists such as J.B. Smoove, Nicole Scherzinger, MC Lyte, and Mel Hinds, adding an amusing touch and showcasing Gray's character.

Upon its release, "Covered" received blended evaluations from critics. Some applauded Gray's capability to make the songs her own, with her distinct, emotional voice reviving the tracks. Others felt that the covers were too far eliminated from the originals, losing some timeless quality that made the original tunes so unforgettable. Nevertheless, most fans valued Gray's strong options in this album, and her desire to check out various categories with her special sound.

Tradition and Influence
"Covered" stays a fascinating and ambitious job in Macy Gray's discography. While it might not have actually reached the level of industrial success as her earlier works, such as "On How Life Is", it showcases her versatility as an artist and desire to take dangers. This album led the way for her future projects, where she continued to welcome experimentation and special analyses of popular songs.

In conclusion, Macy Gray's "Covered" is a collection of unanticipated and unconventional covers, showing off her diverse taste and singing prowess. It may not resonate with everyone but stays an enthusiastic and worthwhile effort from an artist who continues to surprise and challenge her listeners.

Artist: Macy Gray

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