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The 2017 album by Marilyn Manson, "Heaven Upside Down", marked the tenth studio album in the alternative rock musician's discography. This highly expected release was a follow-up to Manson's 2015 album "The Pale Emperor", which was widely applauded for its raw and emotionally intense noise. "Heaven Upside Down" was produced by Manson and his regular collaborator, Tyler Bates, who likewise dealt with him on "The Pale Emperor".

Background and Recording
"Heaven Upside Down" was initially set to be released under the title "SAY10", as it was Manson's tenth album, with a scheduled release date of February 14, 2017. Nevertheless, the release was postponed as Manson felt the album was not yet total and needed further work. The album was ultimately released on October 6, 2017, under its present title.

The recording sessions for "Heaven Upside Down" happened at Abattoir Studios in Studio City, California, and Westlake Studios in Westlake Village, California. Manson and Bates wrote and tape-recorded the album's 10 tracks in between their work on various film and television jobs, consisting of the motion picture score for the 2017 film "24 Hours to Live" and the music for the TV series "Salem".

Album Themes and Stylistic Influences
"Heaven Upside Down" is a concept album based upon the concept of reversing the biblical principle of paradise and hell, challenging social understandings of good and evil. The album's title suggests an inversion of the conventional image of heaven and shows Manson's interest in provoking believed with his styles and imagery.

The album's sound incorporates different impacts, consisting of glam rock, commercial rock, and 80s gothic rock. Manson described "Heaven Upside Down" as his "most recognized piece of work" in regards to musical design, a combination of his previous work with newly found inspirations. The lyrics consist of Manson's hallmark hostility and thought-provoking themes, with the singer-songwriter checking out themes such as violence, love, religion, and the end of the world.

Commercial and Critical Reception
"Heaven Upside Down" received blended to favorable reviews from critics. The album debuted at number 8 on the United States Billboard 200 chart, selling roughly 35,000 units in its very first week. It also debuted at number four on the UK Albums Chart. Despite the crucial action, the album handled to get a strong following among fans.

Some critics applauded the album for its bold technique and its effective combination of different influences, while others disagreed with the album's execution and a few of its lyrics. Popular rock publication Kerrang! gave the album a favorable review, declaring that it "combines his glam, commercial, and goth sides into a satisfyingly aggressive whole". On the other hand, Pitchfork wrote that the album was "overshadowed by its own ambition".

"Heaven Upside Down" sees Marilyn Manson explore an interesting idea, mixing his unique sound with brand-new impacts. The album checks out thought-provoking themes and imagery to challenge social ideas of excellent and wicked, which is essential Manson. While the album received blended reviews, it showed Manson's continued capability to push borders and provoke thought with his music.
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