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"Got to Be There" is the launching solo album by the late, legendary pop icon Michael Jackson. Released on January 24, 1972, by Motown Records, the album came out when Jackson was simply 14 years of ages, symbolizing his transition from the Jackson 5's diva to a solo artist. Produced primarily by Hal Davis and Willie Hutch, the album showcases Jackson's remarkable vocal range and his capability to communicate deep emotions, even to such a young age. "Got to Be There" makes up a mix of initial tunes and covers, with components of soul, pop, and R&B, offering a look into Jackson's eminent international fame and success.

Album Content
"Got to Be There" includes ten tracks, a testimony to the young Michael's flexibility. The album features four songs - "Ain't No Sunshine", "Got to Be There", "Rockin' Robin", and "I Wan na Be Where You Are".

1. "Ain't No Sunshine"-- This Bill Withers cover starts the album with a melodic and younger rendition. Jackson's emotive performance of the emotional classic displays his maturity and vocal prowess.

2. "I Wan na Be Where You Are"-- An R&B ballad penned by Arthur "T-Boy" Ross and Leon Ware, this tune includes a young Michael yearning for his love interest. The song's memorable beat and sincere lyrics show Jackson's capability to captivate audiences with his voice.

3. "Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me"-- Written by Willie Hutch, this soulful ballad reveals Jackson's vulnerability and yearning as he pleads with his love not to leave.

4. "In Our Small Way"-- A socially-conscious song penned by Beatrice Verdi and Christine Yarian, the track motivates listeners to make a favorable change on the planet, echoing themes that Jackson would check out later in his career.

5. "Got to Be There"-- The album's title track and lead single, penned by Elliot Willensky, is a prototype of Jackson's amazing singing range and his capability to express deep sensations through his music.

6. "Rockin' Robin"-- A cover of the 1958 struck by Bobby Day, this upbeat track features Jackson's vibrant and spirited side. The memorable and danceable tune showcases Michael's R&B and pop perceptiveness.

7. "Wings of My Love"-- Written by Alphonso Mizell, Berry Gordy, and Deke Richards, this song has an emotional and uplifting ambiance, highlighting Jackson's romantic side.

8. "Maria (You Were the Only One)"-- Another soul ballad composed by Lawrence Brown, Linda Glover, and Samm Culley, this song sees Jackson singing to a lost love, displaying his capability to convey deep heartache.

9. "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone"-- Originally by The Supremes, this cover highlights Jackson's versatility and talent, mastering tunes from various categories.

10. "You've Got a Friend"-- The album concludes with a touching performance of Carole King's classic, showcasing his ability to connect with listeners emotionally.

Commercial Success and Reception
"Got to Be There" reached No. 14 on the US Billboard Top LPs chart and No. 3 on the US Billboard R&B Albums chart. The album likewise accomplished significant global success, reaching No. 39 in Canada and No. 6 in the UK.

Critics applauded the album for its mix of pop and soul, along with Michael's strong vocal performances, ushering in a new period for the young artist. The songs released from the album reached different chart positions, further solidifying Jackson's status as a solo artist.

"Got to Be There" marked the beginning of Michael Jackson's extraordinary solo profession that would cover over four decades. The album not only showcased the variety of skill present in the young artist however also paved the way for his later work of arts. The collection of tunes on the album remains timeless, sealing Michael Jackson's status as one of the greatest musicians in history.

Artist: Michael Jackson

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