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"Come to Life" is the 4th studio album by the multi-talented Australian artist Natalie Imbruglia, released in October 2009. This album came 5 years after her previous release, "Counting Down the Days" in 2005. Teaming up with several well-known songwriters and manufacturers, Natalie Imbruglia gave her fans a highly prepared for and engaging album. Nevertheless, regardless of getting some positive reviews, the album did not carry out well commercially, ultimately leading to her departure from her record label.

Background and Production
After the success of her 3rd album "Counting Down the Days", Natalie went on a hiatus to concentrate on her individual life, including her marriage to Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns. Nevertheless, the marriage ended in 2008, and Natalie chose it was time to go back to music. Motivated by her emotions and life experiences, "Come to Life" ended up being a musical statement showing her journey and individual growth.

Natalie Imbruglia worked carefully with distinguished songwriters and producers, such as Chris Martin from Coldplay, Brian Eno, Jamie Hartman, and Ben Hillier for "Come to Life". Most of the album was tape-recorded in England, while some tracks were completed in Los Angeles. With a combination of knowledgeable experts behind its production, the album showcases a mix of pop-rock, synth-pop, and electronica aspects, welcoming a climatic sound total.

Stylistic Direction and Themes
The album offers a diverse range of styles and themes, representing Imbruglia's development as an artist and an individual. Some tracks display the reflective and emotionally charged ballads that Natalie has actually ended up being understood for, while others explore more experimental and electronic components. "Come to Life" functions dark, brooding noises, susceptible, genuine lyrics, and intimate melodies that showcase Imbruglia's beautiful and meaningful singing range.

One popular theme in the album is the idea of modification and change, as seen in the title-- "Come to Life". Numerous tracks talk about individual growth, carrying on from a tough past, embracing brand-new experiences, and discovering inner strength. Furthermore, Natalie Imbruglia explores styles of love, loss, and self-discovery throughout the album, placing "Come to Life" as a transformative and healing journey for both the artist and listeners.

Reception and Legacy
"Come to Life" received mixed reviews from critics, who applauded Natalie Imbruglia's spectacular singing efficiencies and psychological storytelling. However, some critics discovered the album lacked a clear direction and coherence. Commercially, the album had a hard time to reproduce the success of a few of her previous works. It stopped working to chart in the United Kingdom, and its lead single "Want" did not get in the leading 100 in any significant market.

Soon after the release of "Come to Life", Natalie Imbruglia and her record label, Island Records, parted methods. This efficiently made the album her last release with the label. In the years that followed, Natalie focused more on her acting career and returned to music in 2014 independently, releasing a covers album titled "Male" in 2015.

In conclusion, "Come to Life" stands as a brave and susceptible exploration of Natalie Imbruglia's individual advancement. With its emotionally resonant lyrics, atmospheric soundscapes, and remarkable cooperations, the album works as an important addition to her discography, even if it didn't rather attain the exact same industrial and critical acclaim as her earlier works.

Artist: Natalie Imbruglia

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