Album: And I'll Scratch Yours

"And I'll Scratch Yours" is a 2013 album by English rock musician Peter Gabriel, featuring cover versions of his songs performed by other artists. The album serves as a buddy piece to his previous cover job, "Scratch My Back", released in 2010, in which Gabriel covered songs by the artists included on this album. "And I'll Scratch Yours" is a testimony to the shared regard amongst collaborating artists, showcasing varied interpretations of Gabriel's work while emphasizing the universality of music.

Background and Concept
The seed for "And I'll Scratch Yours" was planted during the creation of Peter Gabriel's previous album, "Scratch My Back", in which he set out to cover songs by other artists that he appreciated. The task was conceived as a two-part series, with the initial artists returning the favor by covering one of Gabriel's tunes for the follow-up album. The idea targeted at fostering cooperation and structure connections with contemporaries while likewise demonstrating the distinct fingerprint each artist gives the same tune.

Included Artists and Songs
"And I'll Scratch Yours" comprises twelve tracks, each representing a reinterpretation of a Peter Gabriel timeless by the initial artists he covered on "Scratch My Back". The contributing artists and their respective covers include:

1. David Byrne - "I Don't Remember"
2. Bon Iver - "Come Talk to Me"
3. Regina Spektor - "Blood of Eden"
4. Lou Reed - "Solsbury Hill"
5. Game Fire - "Games Without Frontiers"
6. Elbow - "Mercy Street"
7. Brian Eno - "Mother of Violence"
8. Feist (task. Lumber Timbre) - "Don't Give Up"
9. Joseph Arthur - "Shock the Monkey"
10. Randy Newman - "Big Time"
11. Neil Young - "Philadelphia".
12. Paul Simon - "Biko".

Though all tracks add to the album's unifying spirit, highlights consist of Bon Iver's haunting, heavenly take on "Come Talk to Me", Regina Spektor's fragile piano-driven "Blood of Eden", and Randy Newman's whimsical adjustment of "Big Time".

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "And I'll Scratch Yours" got typically favorable reviews from music critics, who praised the diverse variety of interpretations of Gabriel's songs. However, some critics explained that a couple of tracks might not have actually totally caught the essence of the originals. Commercially, the album attained moderate success, charting in a number of nations, consisting of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The task stands as a testament to Peter Gabriel's imaginative aspiration and his ability to bring together a special group of talented artists to reinterpret his music. Although not all taking part artists were able to create covers for the reciprocal project due to scheduling and individual reasons, "And I'll Scratch Yours" still showcased the charm of creative collaboration, leaving a lasting influence on both the artists and listeners.

Peter Gabriel's "And I'll Scratch Yours" is an intriguing expedition of the reciprocal relationship between artists, showing the transformative power of music and the connections produced through shared affection and regard. The album offers brand-new point of views on Gabriel's tunes through the creative lens of the included artists, each crafting a distinctive reinterpretation of his classics while paying homage to his influence as an artist. The task serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration and the ever-evolving landscape of musical expression.

Artist: Peter Gabriel

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