Album: Sings Don Gibson

"Sings Don Gibson" is a tribute album including Roy Orbison's take on a choice of Don Gibson's hits and lesser-known deep cuts. Launched in 1967, the album includes twelve tracks, all composed by Gibson, showcasing the wide variety of Orbison's vocal capability and his special interpretation of Gibson's signature artistry. While it might not be among Orbison's best-known works, it stays a fascinating insight into the regard and adoration between two famous artists.

Don Gibson was a highly prominent American nation singer-songwriter, extensively known for his hits "Sweet Dreams", "I Can't Stop Loving You", and "Oh, Lonesome Me". Gibson's music, with its relatable themes of heartbreak and grief, captured the spirit of 1950s and 1960s country music with lyrics that resonated with audiences all over. In his prime, Gibson earned the label "The Sad Poet" for his wholehearted and typically melancholic songwriting.

Roy Orbison, on the other hand, is maybe one of the most renowned and enigmatic musicians of the 20th century. With his emotive voice, special tunes, and poignant lyrics, he became a particular figure in music. His powerful ballads, such as "Crying", "Only the Lonely", and "Oh, Pretty Woman", stay some of the most identifiable tunes in music history.

"Sings Don Gibson" is a wholehearted homage from Roy Orbison to his pal, Don Gibson, using a beautiful analysis of the latter's innovative music.

Tracklist and Highlights
1. "Too Soon to Know"
2. "A Legend in My Time"
3. "No One Will Ever Know"
4. "Sweet Dreams"
5. "Just One Time"
6. "Blue Blue Day"
7. "What About Me"
8. "Oh Such a Stranger"
9. "It's Too Late"
10. "Oh, Lonesome Me"
11. "I Can't Stop Loving You"
12. "Lonesome Number One"

Amongst the album's highlights is the opening track, "Too Soon to Know", showcasing Orbison's effective however regulated vocals that revive Gibson's initial tune. "Sweet Dreams", among Gibson's most long-lasting classics, is also performed perfectly by Orbison, easily matching the emotive power of the initial. His rendition of "A Legend in My Time" perfectly catches Gibson's melancholic storytelling and stays one of this tribute's standout tracks.

While some of the tunes on "Sings Don Gibson" keep their nation roots, such as "Blue Blue Day" and "Just One Time", others such as "No One Will Ever Know" divert into soaring pop ballad area with lush arrangements that mix Orbison's signature sound with Gibson's lyrics.

Reception and Legacy
"Sings Don Gibson" was launched throughout a time when lots of music fans had their eyes on the psychedelic and speculative noises. As an outcome, the album did not get the very same attention or chart success as a few of Orbison's earlier works. However, the album remains a testament to the long-lasting skill and shared respect between Orbison and Gibson. It has actually gotten newfound appreciation for many years and is viewed as an important cooperation in between 2 of music's most legendary figures.

In conclusion, "Sings Don Gibson" is a lovely, sincere tribute album that showcases the special skill of Roy Orbison while celebrating the enduring songwriting ability of Don Gibson. For fans of either artist, this album is a true gem and a testament to the classic nature of both Orbison and Gibson's music.

Artist: Roy Orbison

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