Album: You Stand Watching

"You Stand Watching" is the 2nd studio album by American singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera, launched on September 20th, 2005, by Atlantic Records. The album includes a more mature noise and showcases Cabrera's development as a musician, songwriter, and entertainer, which came 2 years after his effective debut album, "Take It All Away". "You Stand Watching" presents a mix of heartfelt ballads, positive pop-rock tunes, and introspective lyrics, with Cabrera continuing to impress both fans and critics with his distinct voice and intricate guitar work.

Cooperations and Production
Cabrera teamed up with several noteworthy songwriters and manufacturers while dealing with "You Stand Watching". These include John Rzeznik from the Goo Dolls, who co-wrote the album's lead single, "Shine On"; Kara DioGuardi, who co-wrote "Photo"; and Curt Frasca, who co-produced the album with Ryan. The album was mixed by Tom Lord-Alge and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.

Chart Success and Reception
"You Stand Watching" debuted at number 24 on the US Billboard 200 chart, offering over 37,000 copies within the very first week of its release. The album generated two popular songs: "Shine On" and "Photo". "Shine On" peaked at number 86 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 25 on the Billboard Pop 100 chart. The 2nd single, "Photo", did not chart on the Hot 100 but received significant radio airplay.

The album got typically positive evaluations from music critics. While some noted that the album didn't stray far from Cabrera's musical style in "Take It All Away", others complimented his growth and the much deeper, more introspective lyrical material that was prominent throughout the album. Critics also praised Cabrera's emotive singing delivery and the album's polished production.

Standout Tracks
Several tracks on "You Stand Watching" received particular appreciation or stand out for their appealing tunes and emotional effect. These include:

- "Shine On": The album's lead single is an uplifting anthem of positivity and resilience, showcasing Cabrera's capability to compose infectious pop-rock hooks. The tune includes a memorable guitar riff and a motivating chorus that showcases his effective vocal range.

- "Photo": This wholehearted ballad highlights Cabrera's delicate vocal stylings and introspective songwriting. The tune focuses on the theme of memory and fond memories, as Cabrera sings about a cherished photo that advises him of a previous love.

- "Our Story (One Day at a Time)": A standout acoustic track on the album, "Our Story" emphasizes Cabrera's guitar prowess and raw vocal talent. The song deals with the vulnerability and uncertainty of browsing a new relationship and showcases Cabrera's capability to communicate genuine emotion through his music.

- "The Tango": This mid-tempo track includes a transmittable tune and an effective chorus that highlights Cabrera's singing variety. With its catchy guitar hooks and relatable lyrics, "The Tango" is a standout example of Cabrera's pop-rock perceptiveness.

"You Stand Watching" demonstrates Ryan Cabrera's development as an artist considering that his successful debut album, "Take It All Away". While maintaining his signature pop-rock noise, Cabrera endeavors into deeper psychological territory with introspective lyrics and genuine ballads. The album, strengthened by impressive partnerships, production, and standout tracks, showcases Cabrera's special voice, guitar work, and songwriting abilities and stays a memorable release in his discography.

Artist: Ryan Cabrera

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