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Introduction: Thom Yorke's "ANIMA"
"ANIMA" is the 3rd solo studio album by Radiohead diva and songwriter, Thom Yorke. Released on June 27, 2019, the album was produced by long-time Radiohead partner Nigel Godrich. "ANIMA" features electronic and experimental noises which are characteristic of Yorke's solo career, and it has actually been met both critical and commercial success.

The album consists of nine tracks, the majority of which focus on the idea of dreams, stress and anxiety, and identity in the contemporary world. This is also shown in the title, "ANIMA", which is a mental term coined by Carl Jung describing the aspect of an individual's character that is unconscious, and essentially the "inner self". Yorke has described the album as being somewhat inspired and affected by his experience of sleep paralysis, causing a surreal and dislocated environment to the music.

The Making of "ANIMA"
Thom Yorke began dealing with the tracks for "ANIMA" throughout and after the recording of Radiohead's ninth album, "A Moon Shaped Pool", which was released in 2016. Yorke and manufacturer Nigel Godrich spent 2 years dealing with the job, experimenting with sounds, textures, and structures.

Yorke has actually consistently showcased his interest in electronic music and innovations throughout his career, both with Radiohead and in his solo work. "ANIMA" features synths, drum makers, and innovative audio processing strategies that demonstrate Yorke's fascination with brand-new technologies and the limits of his innovative procedure.

Tracks Noteworthy for their Lyricism and Soundscapes
"ANIMA" features numerous standout tracks that highlight Yorke's distinct vision and approach to songwriting. "Traffic", the opening track, sets the tone for the album with its pulsating beats, haunting synths, and Yorke's unique vocals. The tune confronts the overwhelming anxiety of the modern-day world and our relationship with innovation.

"Dawn Chorus", among the most extremely applauded tunes on the album, showcases Yorke's plaintive and psychological vocal shipment combined with a hypnotic, recurring beat. The lyrics touch on themes of remorse, love, and the passage of time.

Another significant track, "Twist", includes elaborate rhythms and electronic textures, with Yorke's lyrics exploring the nature of dreams and truth. The song consists of several sections, lastly developing to an unified climax featuring a children's choir sample.

ANIMA: A Visual and Auditory Experience
In conjunction with the release of "ANIMA", Yorke collaborated with director Paul Thomas Anderson to create a short film of the exact same name, which is set to three songs from the album. The 15-minute movie features Yorke carrying out contemporary dance regimens choreographed by Damien Jalet and combines a mix of surreal images and mesmerizing visuals that match the music's environment.

The short film was released on Netflix, with a minimal theatrical release in select cities, bringing a new measurement to the general experience of "ANIMA".

Thom Yorke's "ANIMA" demonstrates his continued ability to push the limits of his imagination, including ingenious electronic textures and introspective lyrics. The album's themes focusing on dreams, anxiety, and identity resonate deeply with listeners in today's complex world. "ANIMA" is an effective artistic statement that exemplifies Yorke's immense skill and ongoing importance as an artist well into his profession.

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