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" Best Of" is a collection album by the French singer, actress, and model Vanessa Paradis, released on November 23, 2009. The album unites the best hits of her musical profession, covering over 20 years of success. It includes her chart-topping songs, popular album tracks, and even formerly unreleased material. The 18-track collection highlights Paradis' development as an artist and her special design that mixes pop, rock, and French chanson categories. The album features cooperations with world-renowned artists, such as Serge Gainsbourg, Lenny Kravitz, and Matthieu Chedid, showcasing her adaptability and ability to blend her music with varied designs and sounds.

Background and Release
Vanessa Paradis, born on December 22, 1972, initially discovered international success at the age of 14 with her single "Joe le taxi" in 1987. She has given that released many effective albums and singles, making her one of the most iconic French artists of her generation.

" Best Of" was launched as a standard 18-track CD, as well as a minimal edition 2-CD set and a CD/DVD set with different artwork. The release of the album was accompanied by a promotional trip in 2010, including performances in Europe and North America. Subsequently, 'Best Of' peaked at number seven on the French album chart and accomplished Gold status within two months of its release.

Notable Tracks
1. Joe le taxi: The song that catapulted Paradis to global stardom, "Joe le taxi", is a reggae-influenced pop track understood for its catchy tune and enigmatic lyrics. The song arrived of the French charts and stayed there for eleven weeks, making Paradis a household name in France and beyond.

2. Be My Baby: One of Paradis' most successful English language songs, "Be My Baby", produced and written by Lenny Kravitz, includes Paradis' smooth vocals and a catchy chorus accompanied by a distinctly early- '90s pop production. The tune reached the top areas on the French and Belgian charts and even got in the UK songs chart.

3. Tandem: Written by French legend Serge Gainsbourg and made up by Franck Langolff, "Tandem" is a sultry, harmonic track that showcases Paradis' singing expertise and her ability to convey passion and feeling flawlessly.

4. Divine Idylle: As the lead single from her 2007 album, "Divinidylle", this tune is a collaboration with French artist Matthieu Chedid. The warm and romantic melody envelops listeners, making "Divine Idylle" a stunning musical journey.

Previously Unreleased Tracks
" Best Of" also includes 3 formerly unreleased tracks, including:

1. I Love Paris: A sultry cover of Cole Porter's jazz standard, "I Love Paris", showcasing Paradis' sultry and sensuous voice as she admires the city she enjoys.

2. Il y a: A cooperation with Gaetan Roussel, "Il y a" is a sweet and melancholic ballad about lost love.

3. Got ta Have It: Originally tape-recorded for a 1992 Gap commercial, "Got ta Have It" is an upbeat and appealing pop-rock track.

"Best Of" works as a celebration of Vanessa Paradis' long and varied musical career, providing her greatest hits and previously unreleased work in one comprehensive bundle. The album is an important listen for fans of Paradis, in addition to an exceptional intro to her music for those not yet knowledgeable about her stunning voice and timeless style. The collection showcases Paradis' extraordinary skill, not just as a vocalist but as a versatile artist who constantly adjusts and evolves to develop timeless music for years.

Artist: Vanessa Paradis

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