Quotes by Burkinabe authors

Burkinabe FlagBurkinabe Quotes supply a remarkable glimpse into the society, history, and spirit of individuals of Burkina Faso. From words of excellent leaders and also scholars to the sayings passed down with generations, Burkinabe Quotes show the knowledge, strength, and also creativity of the Burkinabe individuals. These quotes talk to the sustaining link to the land and its abundant social traditions, in addition to the challenges of residing in one of the poorest countries worldwide. They also mirror the country's history of battle for freedom, the ongoing efforts to advertise social justice as well as equality, and the strong sense of nationwide identification. Whether you are a site visitor to Burkina Faso or a honored Burkinabe, the insights and knowledge found in Burkinabe Quotes are sure to inform and influence. Come, check out the abundant history and society of this remarkable West African nation, via words and also knowledge of its people.
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Small: I can hear the roar of womens silence
"I can hear the roar of women's silence"
Thomas Sankara, Politician
Small: The French revolution taught us the rights of man
"The French revolution taught us the rights of man"
Thomas Sankara, Politician