Famous quote by James Joyce

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A mans errors are his portals of discovery

"A man's errors are his portals of discovery"

- James Joyce

About this Quote

This quote by James Joyce suggests that mistakes are an essential part of the knowing procedure. It suggests that errors are not always a bad thing, however rather a needed part of the journey to knowledge and understanding. By making mistakes, we can discover brand-new things and gain insight into the world around us. It is through our errors that we can learn and grow, and ultimately become smarter. This quote motivates us to accept our errors and use them as an opportunity to find out and discover. It is a pointer that errors are not completion of the world, however rather a chance to acquire brand-new understanding and understanding.

About the Author

James Joyce This quote is written / told by James Joyce between February 2, 1882 and January 13, 1941. He was a famous Novelist from Ireland. The author also have 32 other quotes.

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