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All heiresses are beautiful

"All heiresses are beautiful"

- John Dryden

About this Quote

John Dryden's quote "All heiresses are beautiful" is a reflection of the standard view of charm in the 17th century. Heiresses were seen as symbols of wealth and power, and were typically portrayed as gorgeous and desirable. This quote recommends that appeal was connected with wealth and power, and that heiresses were seen as the epitome of charm. It also indicates that charm was a status sign, and that those who had wealth and power were viewed as more attractive than those who did not. This quote shows the traditional view of appeal in the 17th century, and recommends that beauty was associated with wealth and power.

About the Author

John Dryden This quote is written / told by John Dryden between August 9, 1631 and May 12, 1700. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 48 other quotes.

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