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All the evolution we know of proceeds from the vague to the definite

"All the evolution we know of proceeds from the vague to the definite"

- Charles Sanders Peirce

About this Quote

In this quote, philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce is recommending that all kinds of evolution, whether it be biological, social, or intellectual, follow a pattern of moving from something unclear or unsure to something more concrete and specific. This can be seen in the natural world, where types gradually adapt and develop to much better fit their environment, in addition to in human society, where ideas and beliefs evolve and become more defined over time. Peirce is highlighting the concept that development is a procedure of improvement and information, where the preliminary ambiguity or uncertainty is transformed into a more exact and guaranteed type.

About the Author

Charles Sanders Peirce This quote is written / told by Charles Sanders Peirce between September 10, 1839 and April 19, 1914. He was a famous Philosopher from USA. The author also have 9 other quotes.

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